The copyright symbol is a “c” enclosed within a circle.

Visually it appears as: ©

It is basically used to copyright your literary or original creative pieces. These pieces encompasses writing, artwork, pictures/images, videos, blogs, etc which should be fixed in tangible form.

In a time without smartphones or digital technology, even typewriters did not have the copyright sign.

At that time people used to type c enclosed in parenthesis i.e., (c) to indicate copyright ownership of original creative works.

This article will walk you through the process of how to type copyright symbol on Android devices.

What is a Copyright Symbol and Why Use It?

It appears as a lowercase letter “c” enclosed within a circle (©), serving as a recognisable symbol of intellectual property rights.

This symbol is used by the copyright owners to mark their original creative content copyrighted. 

This is to signify to others that this piece is copyrighted and if somebody wants to use it, he/she must seek permission.

It is used to:

(a) protect your copyright material from illicit usage.

(b) inform others that you hold all the exclusive rights related to the piece as you are the rightful owner.

How to Type Copyright Symbol on Android?

Today one can easily share their creativity with everyone via digital platforms.

Whether it’s Instagram, blog, YouTube, or any other digital platform, we all have seen the symbol © so many times in quotes, poems, pictures, or any other visually appealing creative content.

There are two straightforward methods to insert copyright symbol on any Android mobile phone:

  • Use the in-built keyboard of a device
  • Use copy-paste method

Use the In-Built Keyboard of a Device

Copyright mark is present on your keyboard by default which is in-built into most of Android devices.

For this:

  1. Open the file where you want to insert a symbol ©.
  2. Place a cursor by tapping on a screen where you want to add the said symbol.
  3. Switch to your symbol numeric keyboard.
  4. Find or search for this symbol “©” and click on it.

Note: If you want to insert the symbol while texting someone or sending an email, the same process can be followed.

Copy and Paste Method

Typing the copyright symbol on your Android phone can be effortlessly achieved through a simple copy-and-paste method. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Find a Source: Open a web browser or any text document that already contains the copyright symbol (©).
  2. Highlight and Copy: Select the copyright symbol by tapping and holding on it. When it’s highlighted, choose the “Copy” option from the context menu that appears.
  3. Paste into Your Document: Return to your document or text field where you wish to insert the symbol. Tap and hold at the desired location, and then select “Paste” from the pop-up menu.
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By following these straightforward steps, you can easily incorporate the copyright symbol (©) into your text on your Android phone, using the copy-and-paste method.

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Alternative Method

The copyright logo can be found among the list of special characters on the keyboard of your mobile devices.

Type it With Gboard

  1. On your keyboard, tap the key “?123“.
  2.  Click on the button that says “=\<“.
  3.  Now find the symbol © and click on it.

With Swift Key

  1. Press the button that says “?123“.
  2. Click the special character button which appeared as “{&=“.
  3. Click on the Key that reads “©“.

Install a Keyboard

This method is also reliable if your device keyboard does not have a copyright symbol. For this:

  • Go to the Play Store of your Android phones
  • Search for a keyboard and find out whether it has a copyright symbol or not.
  • Install the one that has such intellectual property symbols
  • After installing it successfully, you can use it to insert the copyright logo at the desired location.


In the age of smartphones, © is in your pocket.

By following any of the methods listed here, one can easily insert the symbol in their files.

As we’ve explored the diverse methods for inserting the copyright symbol on Android phones, it’s evident that there are several straightforward and efficient approaches at your disposal.

While keyboard shortcuts and advanced symbol insertion techniques provide quick solutions, the default keyboards on Android devices offer built-in special character insertion techniques that can simplify the process.

Whether you opt for the simplest option of using regular keyboard characters or seek numerous symbols via symbols keyboard apps or online sources, Android keyboards are equipped to accommodate your needs.

Regardless of the method you choose, mastering the art of inserting symbols like the copyright symbol is an essential skill for asserting your intellectual property rights and enhancing your digital communications.


Can I just add a copyright symbol?

Where is the copyright symbol on the Android keyboard?

It is present on the default keyboard in most of the android mobile phones. Just switch to the symbol number keyboard, search for the copyright mark, and tap on it. Your symbol will be inserted at the required position.

Is it necessary to download a symbols keyboard app to insert the copyright symbol on Android?

In most cases, no app download is required, as Android keyboards come equipped with built-in symbol insertion features.

What is a copyright symbol?

The copyright symbol, often represented as ©, is a distinctive character used to indicate copyright ownership of original creative works, such as literature, art, music, and more.

It appears as a lowercase letter “c” enclosed within a circle (©), serving as a recognisable symbol of intellectual property rights.

How do you write C in a circle on Android devices?

To write © in a circle on Android mobile phones, you can use the built-in special character insertion techniques provided by most Android keyboards.

Simply access the symbols or special characters section of your keyboard and look for the copyright symbol (©), which is represented as a lowercase “c” enclosed within a circle. Tap on it to insert it into your text or document.