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Empowering your content with advanced security and traceability tools. unveil a suite of features, including forensic watermarking, that seamlessly safeguard and monitor your digital assets with precision.

Copy Protection

Fortifies your content, rendering it impervious to copying and pasting by scripts, crawlers, or any other technology.

Feature 1

Invisible Watermarking

Watermarks that are imperceptible to the naked eye, and are detectable only through Bytescare’s proprietary software.

Feature 2

Leakage Tracing

Embeds confidential information within the characters of your content, enabling you to trace back to the originators who leak the content.

Feature 3

Easy Integration

Remain flexible and adapt to any new or old technology, ensuring you are always ahead of the curve.

Feature 4

File Format Independence

Whether popular or obscure, current or future and even custom file formats - Textmarker has your content’s back.

Feature 5

Navigating the

Textmarker Journey

Explore the seamless process through which Fake Profile Remover detects, investigates, removes, and monitors fake profiles for optimal protection

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Easily integrate Textmarker into your existing technology stack through its versatile APIs, SDKs or Plugins

Encrypt your documents and generate millions of distinct copies, each embedded with unique information, to enhance tracking and security.

Efficiently distribute the encrypted copies among your users. Stay confident that each piece of content is under the watchful eye of Textmarker

Keep tabs on content distribution. Swiftly trace and eliminate any unauthorized sharing with Textmarker's leakage tracing capability

Unveil the

Textmarker Advantage

Reap the rewards of robust content protection with textmarker. Experience enhanced security through forensic and invisible watermarking, precision tracking for leak prevention, and unwavering peace of mind. unlock the true potential of your digital assets with our holistic approach to content safeguarding and management.

Amplified Content Security

Amplified Content Security

Foster an unbreakable bond between your content and security with Textmarker's robust DRM technology and leakage tracing features.

Operational Ease

Operational Ease

Textmarker is synonymous with simplicity. Its easy and user-friendly integration ensures a smooth and efficient operational flow.

Future-Proof Protection

Future-Proof Protection

Textmarker’s file format independence ensures that your content is safeguarded today and ready for the formats of tomorrow.

Enhanced Control

Enhanced Control

Assert control over your content by tracking leaks, encrypting documents, and distributing secure copies to users.

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Success Stories from Our Valued Partners

Discover the transformative impact of textmarker through the experiences of our satisfied partners. Hear How Our Cutting-Edge Features and Unmatched Security Have Empowered Businesses Across the Globe

5 stars
The Indian Express
The Indian Express

Sanjay Sindhwani

Bytescare offers solutions to detect and control the piracy of your content from fraudulent websites and content pirates. Bytescare solutions are like watchmen of Digital News Publishers and we highly recommend their services

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5 stars

Bhavook Khanna

We have found the entire Bytescare team to be technically competent, enthusiastic, professional, easy to work with, and can clearly understand our business requirements and help us in the best possible manner.

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5 stars

Nikhil Chauhan

Bytescare provides end to end solutions right for our piracy problems. A great, dedicated and professional team, going the extra mile to curb Piracy, they are efficient and believe in the concept of protection of the content.

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Textmarker in Action:

Real-World Applications

Explore the multitude of scenarios where Textmarker’s advanced content protection features play a critical role in safeguarding digital assets, ensuring authenticity, and fostering business growth.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Textmarker is an advanced content protection solution developed by Bytescare. It employs forensic watermarking, invisible watermarking, and other cutting-edge technologies to safeguard digital content, trace leakage sources, and secure copyrights and trademarks.

Forensic watermarking embeds imperceptible and unique information into the content. This information can be used to trace back to the original source or recipient, enabling you to monitor how your content is used and take action in case of unauthorized distribution.

Textmarker incorporates DRM (Digital Rights Management) technology which prevents content from being copied or shared unauthorizedly by scripts, crawlers, or other technologies. It ensures that content remains secure and accessible only by authorized users.

Yes, Textmarker is designed for seamless integration with various platforms and server apps through its universal APIs, SDKs, and Plugins. This allows for easy adoption and compatibility with both new and legacy systems.

Absolutely! Textmarker is file format-agnostic and can support any file format, including non-popular or custom formats. With minor customizations, Textmarker can be adapted to suit your specific content format needs.

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