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Voila! Bytescare at Your Doorstep.

Bytescare, a content piracy solutions company stands at your doorstep to protect your content from infringements, pre/post piracy damage, and also protect & maintain your brand’s reputation.

With the rise of the digital world, e-learning has become the new normal. This has led to an increased demand for online education, which in turn has attracted pirates who download and publish original content on unauthorised platforms. However, Bytescare is here to protect your content from infringement. Our tools and technologies prevent pirates from illegally downloading and publishing your content.

We work with Edtech Startups, Coaching Institutes & Independent Educators for the following content types

  • Audio & Video Tutorials
  • Textual Study Materials, any format e.g. pdf, doc, epub, etc.
  • Quiz & Mocks

As a content creator, you're probably well aware of the risks about people stealing your ideas or copying your work, but you also have to be careful of fake profiles, brand abuse, trademark infringement, and more that could jeopardise your livelihood. Consider investing in Bytescare's content & brand protection services that will help you keep your work safe so you can continue doing what you love without worry.

We work with Influencers, Movie Production Houses and OTT Players for the following content types

  • Audio & Video Content
  • Blogs & Images
  • Brand Defamation & Fake Profiles

The press and publishing industry is one of the largest content-oriented industries in the world. In recent years, digital piracy has become a major problem for the industry, as content is increasingly being copied and distributed without permission. Bytescare's innovative algorithms provide effective protection against copyright infringement, ensuring that your content remains safe and secure.

We work with Book Publishers, News Media Companies and Print Media Companies for the following content types

  • E-Books
  • E-Magazines & E-Papers
  • Web Articles & Images

Why Bytescare?

The right choice to increase your content's security.

Bytescare provides a variety of fast, economical, robust, accurate, scalable, and transparent AI/ML empowered solutions that assist our customers in protecting their content from any copyright infringement and also from any pre/post piracy damages. Our smart solutions differentiate us from the other competitors in the Market.

We anticipate our customers to easily protect their content and brands from any damage and thefts with our user-friendly, reliable, and 24*7 available products and services including Pre-Piracy Solutions, Post-Piracy Solutions, and Brand & Reputation Management tools.

Feature 1

Fast & Economical

Our automated crawlers and deep learning solutions are quicker and cheaper.

Feature 2

Robust & Accurate

Verify infringements to ensure they are not from your official channel partners.

Feature 3


Regardless of the type, length or number of your content, our technology is designed to handle it.

Feature 4


Our automated crawlers and deep learning solutions are quicker and cheaper.

Feature 5

Enforcement & Investigation

Our automated crawlers and deep learning solutions are quicker and cheaper.

Products & Services

Service 1

It is a prevention phase that comes into play before publishing the content. It helps creators to prevent their original content from piracy attacks and publish authorized, encrypted, and original content. PrePiracy solutions include watermarking and digital rights management, evaluating existing technologies for loopholes, implementing extra measures to stop leakages within the team, etc.
Service 2

It is a post leakage phase that comes into play after publishing content on the web. Post-Piracy Solutions scrutinize website/content for piracy issues after the content has been published. It monitors for content leakage and also backstops the content owners by retrieving their original content from authorized websites. Post-piracy solutions include web monitoring, e-commerce scanning, article protection, P2P monitoring, original text & image identifier, and password leakage identification.
Service 3

Brand & Reputation Management is another service offered by us to succor our customers to protect their brands from infringements & cataloging various products to maintain your brand reputation.

USPs & Client Satisfaction

We bring forth a variety of USPs, perks & services for our customers to build their trust & satisfaction. Thus motivating us to stand at the forefront as one of the leading content piracy solutions company.

Usp 1

Market Intelligence

It helps clients Gain valuable insights into the potential market by removing copies and links to your original content. There is a provision for tracking the entire workflow of the service.

Usp 2

Improve Your ROI

Our anti-piracy solutions are designed in a way to succor clients in improving their ROI without affecting the revenue.

Usp 3

Reach out to Potential Customers

We design products that help brands & companies to serve additional products & services to their potential as well as existing customers thereby increasing your revenue.

Usp 4


Our efficient & cost-effective services reduce the cost associated with technical & legal operations enhancing their sales & scaling customer engagement.

Usp 5

Improve your Website Ranking

Combating the piracy damage to the content restricts the presence of duplicate copies of the original content on the web henceforth improving your website ranking for the search engines.

Platforms We Serve

Platform 1


Platform 2

Social Media

Platform 3


Platform 4


Platform 5

Search Engines

Platform 6

Mobile Apps


Abhishek Agarwal
Company 1

The piracy issue had been plaguing us for quite some time and led to an adverse impact on our revenue. Bytescare not only helped us curb the menace substantially but also did some ad-hoc work for us, which we appreciate a lot.

Abhishek Agarwal

Ajay Karakoti
Company 2

They have an exceptional understanding of Piracy & Cyber Investigations. They save costs in technical & legal operations.

Ajay Karakoti

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