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Our technology-driven solutions are designed to offer 360-degree protection for your digital assets. Go beyond traditional security measures and experience the multifaceted advantages of Bytescare’s Digital Piracy Monitoring services.

24x7 Scanning Protection

Guarding your digital presence round the clock

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Unlimited Content Protection

No bounds to safeguarding your intellectual property

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Infringement Detection

Spotting violations before they impact your business

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DMCA Takedown Notices

Enforcing your rights for a secure digital ecosystem

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Search Engine and ISP Delisting

Maintaining your clean digital footprint across all platforms

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Our Proactive Approach to

Digital Piracy Monitoring

Experience a seamless journey to comprehensive digital protection in four steps

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Leveraging AI-technology, we provide 24/7 surveillance across the web, identifying unauthorised content use or distribution.

Our skilled team investigates detected infringements and promptly alerts you, enabling quick protective measures for your content.

We issue copyright takedown notices to infringers, ensuring comprehensive removal of unauthorised content across the digital landscape.

With real-time dashboard access, you can track the progress of content protection and receive instant, custom reports on your intellectual property status.

Experience the Bytescare Advantage:

Unparalleled Digital Protection

Step into the new era of robust online security with Bytescare. We offer a dynamic blend of constant vigilance, extensive coverage, and tailor-made strategies, all designed to guard your digital assets. Embrace the peace of mind that comes with comprehensive, round-the-clock digital safeguarding.

Quick and Automated

Quick and Automated

Our AI-driven technology quickly and automatically discovers and removes pirated content from the web across the globe

Universal Support

Universal Support

We support all file and media formats, ensuring that your content is protected, regardless of its type or format.

Live Monitoring

Live Monitoring

Stay informed with live dashboard to monitor your content protection and personalised reporting

Worldwide Coverage

Worldwide Coverage

Our service doesn't impose any limitations on jurisdiction for content removal, providing you with comprehensive global coverage

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5 stars
The Indian Express
The Indian Express

Sanjay Sindhwani

Bytescare offers solutions to detect and control the piracy of your content from fraudulent websites and content pirates. Bytescare solutions are like watchmen of Digital News Publishers and we highly recommend their services

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5 stars

Bhavook Khanna

We have found the entire Bytescare team to be technically competent, enthusiastic, professional, easy to work with, and can clearly understand our business requirements and help us in the best possible manner.

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5 stars

Nikhil Chauhan

Bytescare provides end to end solutions right for our piracy problems. A great, dedicated and professional team, going the extra mile to curb Piracy, they are efficient and believe in the concept of protection of the content.

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Real-world Use Cases

From publishing to entertainment, we serve a wide range of sectors with unique needs

Some Frequently Asked Questions

To register your content for protection, sign up for our Digital Piracy Monitoring service and provide us with the necessary information about your content and assets during the registration process. Our team will guide you through the process and help you set up your account.

Our Digital Piracy Monitoring service is designed to protect a wide range of content, including movies, TV series, music, e-books, articles, software, photos, graphics, online courses, and video games. We support all file and media formats, ensuring comprehensive protection for your valuable assets.

The time it takes for infringing content to be removed can vary depending on the complexity of the case and the responsiveness of the infringing party. However, our team works diligently to ensure that unauthorised content is removed as quickly as possible. In most cases, infringing content is removed within a few hours to a few days after the takedown notice has been issued.

Our team sends DMCA/Copyright Takedown Notices on your behalf to the infringing parties. These notices typically include information about the copyrighted content, evidence of infringement, a request for the removal of unauthorised content, and contact information for further correspondence. Our team will gather the necessary information from you during the registration process and manage the takedown notice process on your behalf.

In cases where infringing content reappears after being removed, our continuous monitoring system will detect the unauthorised content and notify our team. We will then issue another takedown notice and work to ensure that the content is removed again. Our goal is to provide comprehensive protection for your content and minimise the impact of digital piracy on your intellectual property.

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Comprehensive digital protection is just the beginning. Discover our array of services designed to secure every aspect of your online presence.

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