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The Time & Technology is here, To Safeguard Your content everywhere, To keep the Pirates away, And Let your original content find its way, We Bring Forth the Anti-Piracy Solutions for content creators & Brand Owners.

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Goodbye! Piracy.

The time is here to abolish Infringements, Content Leakage, Impersonation & other pirate attacks.

At Bytescare, we offer anti-piracy services, brand protection, reputation management, and business intelligence. Our services include eliminating digital piracy, removing counterfeit products from ecommerce platforms, knocking off credential reselling, brand monitoring for fake profiles, and analysing existing systems for loopholes.

From The Founder’s Desk:

Our Evolution,

Our Story!

Vineet Kumar, IIT BHU Graduate

The only practice that hinders the growth of content creators and brand owners is piracy attacks. To eradicate content piracy and help creators to scale on the various authorized platforms and get recognition for their original content; Bytescare slid down the brain.

Back in 2015, I along with my co-founder Mr. Manish Jindal and Mr. Prashant Paliwal a subject expert in product management managed to bring Bytescare from my brain to action.


Our only vision was to provide our content creators & brand owners with fast, effective, robust, reliable, cost-effective, and easy-to-use anti-piracy products and services to protect their content from infringements and also succor brand owners to protect their brands from any sort of pirate attack such as impersonation, counterfeit the brand domain & logo etc…

After years of research, hard work, learning, and experience we now stand at the forefront to provide the most effective and best anti-piracy solutions to our customers. And we wish to ameliorate our tools, technologies & services as per the present market demand and introduce the latest, reliable, hassle-free antipiracy products to safeguard content and encounter the pirates from implementing any pre/post piracy damages.


Just a click away!

The tools, technologies & services proposed by us are platform independent i.e. we can serve on multiple platforms and socials including marketplaces, websites, web applications, peer-to-peer networks, and cloud sharing Platforms.

We design 24*7 available, AI/ML empowered software products that investigate, protect & demolish any infringing content published on unauthorized platforms.

Combating content piracy has been always a typical task. But here Bytescare is at the forefront for your rescue from content piracy with its premium features and policies. Try out our all first-class services to keep your content fresh and far away from all unethical practices. In the end, it is pure content that helps to reach the target audience. Do give a chance to our services and let us help you in making your content untouched from all unprincipled practices.

Bytescare introduces various anti-piracy solutions for images, e-learning platforms, press & publishing, media & entertainment, consumer brands, and textual documents.

Anti-piracy solutions for


The tools, technologies & services designed by us help customers protect their content from infringements. Our technologies support both the pre/post piracy attacks and protect the content from taking screenshots & copy-pasting it on other platforms as our products convert the copied content into garbage on pasting thus hindering its readability. Also, our filter mechanism is programmed in a way that it identifies over 99.9% of digital piracy links in real-time that saves 80% of man-hours henceforth driving more time & attention of the brand owners & content creators towards content creation.

Anti-piracy solutions for

E-Learning platforms

The era of digitization has bought classrooms to your fingertips thereby enhancing the e-learning platforms. Our tools & technologies hinder the illegal downloading and publishing the content on unauthorized platforms. Our products & services are not just limited to content piracy but it also minimizes the financial loss of the content creators/client & protects the brand reputation thus uplifting the e-learning culture. It safeguards your e-learning content that includes audio/video tutorials, study materials including text & images, quizzes, and mocks.

Anti-piracy solutions for

Press & Publishing

Press & Publishing is one of the leading content-oriented industries which makes it more prone to pirate attacks but BytesCare stands at the forefront for your rescue and protects your content from unprincipled publishing. Out tools & technologies are effective for various types of content including e-books, web articles, e-papers, magazines & images.

Anti-piracy solutions for

Media and Entertainment

Media & Entertainment is another most important content-oriented industry. Pirates try to copy copyrighted music, movies, videos, etc…and publish them on unauthorized platforms such as torrent, telegram, and many more such platforms. With our high-performance, reliable & effective anti-piracy protection services you can protect your linear channels, live events, OTT platform credentials, trademarks, impersonation and VOD content from infringements.

Anti-piracy solutions for

Consumer Brands

Consumer brands are also one of the major industries that are prone to piracy attacks. Any damage or attack on it is detected by monitoring the re-seller prices, low stocks & harmful discounts offered on the brands. Our tools & technologies are designed in a way to detect such piracy attacks and encounter strict measures against such unauthorized activities in which the products or re-sellers are eliminated from the major ecommerce websites. A number of consumer brands can employ our products & services and the major categories included are shoes, clothing, jewellery, accessories, electronics, beauty, and wellness.

Anti-piracy solutions for

Software and Web Apps

Software & application development is another major industry that faces piracy and leads to financial loss to the authorized owners. Pirates host the software & applications designed by the brands on unauthorized platforms thereby prompting users to download pirated software, apps, games, and web apps impersonating your brands. Using the products & services designed by our expert team helps you overcome such piracy attacks in just a few clicks and at economical expenses.

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