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Born out of a passion to shield the digital ecosystem from piracy, counterfeiting, and impersonation, our founders envisioned a safer space for creatives and consumers alike. Today, they are at the helm, leading us in our relentless mission to keep your digital assets secure.


Takedowns Successfully


Clients Onboarded


Content Assets Protected


Piracy Sources Identified

Unmatched Expertise in

Digital Asset Protection

Harnessing the power of advanced technology to counter piracy, fake products, and online deceit.

Proactive Piracy Detection

Proactive Piracy Detection

With advanced tracking technology, we ensure the protection of your content in real-time.

Counterfeit Mitigation

Counterfeit Mitigation

Identifying and eliminating counterfeit digital products to maintain the integrity of your brand.

Impersonation Deterrence

Impersonation Deterrence

Using comprehensive detection techniques, we shield your online presence from impersonation attacks.

In-depth Risk Analysis

In-depth Risk Analysis

Providing robust and insightful risk assessment for complete control over your digital assets.

A Legacy of Trust and Excellence

From our humble beginnings, we have grown into a leading force in the battle against digital infringement, proudly protecting the digital assets of brands across the globe.


We found a technology gap for anti piracy solutions in India and started working on solving “Product Market Fit”. Selected for Nasscom 10000 Startup program and on boarded our first client in Nov 2019.


Covered Indian Demographics and Increased our focus on client acquisition (Majorly Book Publishers) and on boarded 15+ clients in our first year of operations.


Selected for Next Big Idea, an annual competition to participate in a Canada market access program. Started new services like Article Piracy and Ecommerce Piracy. Increase focus on News Publishing companies and EdTech Startups.


Reached a milestone of 100+ Clients and also onboarded first International Client. Focussing on Independent Content Creators and Edtech Companies.

Shaping a Safer Digital Environment

Our services not only protect your digital presence but also enhance the trust of your audience, leading to sustainable growth.

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Secure your brand's reputation with reliable digital protection, enhancing customer trust.

Prevent potential losses due to piracy or counterfeiting, ensuring revenue protection.

Obtain valuable insights on potential threats and vulnerabilities to make informed decisions.

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