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Next-Level Defence with Advanced Features

for Comprehensive Protection

Unlock unrivalled content protection with Article Defender's cutting-edge features. From production to lifecycle, it vigilantly safeguards your valuable articles.

Instant Scanning

Real-time, proactive protection with continuous scanning as soon as your articles enter production.

Feature 1

Easy Integration

Experience smooth integration with your current workflow or choose standalone deployment for hassle-free convenience.

Feature 2


Combat potential copycats with repeated scans, providing uninterrupted protection for your content assets.

Feature 3

Archival Scanning

Ensure the ongoing uniqueness and authenticity of your previously published articles with retroactive scanning.

Feature 4

Automated Verification and Scoring

Harness cutting-edge technology for automated detection and scoring of potential content copies.

Feature 5

Unravel the Surveillance Journey from

Detection to Protection

A proactive system that provides security for your online brand presence, builds trust and confidence, and protects against potential threats.

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Enjoy immediate and extensive multi-scan operations as our system springs into action once your articles are produced.

Automate detection, verification, and scoring of potential copies. Stay informed with prompt notifications of any infringements.

Experience expedited resolution for confirmed infringements. We streamline the removal process of unauthorised copies.

Receive detailed post-removal reports and maintain vigilant monitoring to prevent the recurrence of infringements.

Unlocking the Potential Benefits

of Article Defender

Fortify your digital content with Article Defender to safeguard intellectual property and build a sterling brand reputation.

Intellectual Property Protection

Intellectual Property Protection

Protect your online content, preserve your intellectual property rights, and prevent unauthorised use and copyright infringement.

Brand Reputation Management

Brand Reputation Management

Protect your brand's integrity by maintaining the uniqueness and authenticity of your content, fostering strong customer trust.

Reduced Revenue Loss

Reduced Revenue Loss

Prevent revenue loss by ensuring the authenticity of your articles and safeguarding against copied or plagiarised content.

Operational Efficiency

Operational Efficiency

Streamline your content monitoring process with our advanced technology, freeing up resources for more strategic endeavours.

Article Defender's Impressive Testimonials

Be inspired by the success stories of businesses worldwide that have leveraged Article Defender for unparalleled content protection.

5 stars
The Indian Express
The Indian Express

Sanjay Sindhwani

Bytescare offers solutions to detect and control the piracy of your content from fraudulent websites and content pirates. Bytescare solutions are like watchmen of Digital News Publishers and we highly recommend their services

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5 stars

Bhavook Khanna

We have found the entire Bytescare team to be technically competent, enthusiastic, professional, easy to work with, and can clearly understand our business requirements and help us in the best possible manner.

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5 stars

Nikhil Chauhan

Bytescare provides end to end solutions right for our piracy problems. A great, dedicated and professional team, going the extra mile to curb Piracy, they are efficient and believe in the concept of protection of the content.

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Practical Applications of

E-Commerce Surveillance Unveiled

Delve into real-world case studies and witness how Bytescare's E-Commerce Surveillance effectively addresses unique challenges in diverse online marketplaces.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Article Defender is a comprehensive content protection solution offered by Bytescare. It safeguards your online articles from plagiarism, unauthorized copying, and intellectual property infringement.

Article Defender employs advanced algorithms and scanning techniques to detect potential copies by comparing your articles with a vast database of online content.

Yes, Article Defender offers archival scanning, allowing you to scan and protect your previously published articles, ensuring their continued uniqueness.

Yes, Article Defender offers easy integration with your current content production process, providing seamless protection without disrupting your workflow.

Absolutely! Article Defender is highly scalable and capable of efficiently scanning and protecting a large number of articles in a short amount of time.

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Comprehensive digital protection is just the beginning. Uncover a plethora of solutions specifically tailored to safeguard every nook and cranny of your online identity.

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