In today’s digital age, music enthusiasts and creators are constantly looking for ways to share their passion with the world.

One of the most popular methods is through lyric videos on platforms like YouTube. But there’s a catch: how do you navigate the tricky waters of copyright?

If you’ve ever wondered “how to make a lyrics video on YouTube without copyright,” you’re in the right place.

This article will guide you step-by-step, ensuring your creative expression shines without legal hiccups. Dive in and let’s get started!

What is a Lyric Video?

A lyrics video is a type of video that showcases the lyrics of a song on the screen as the music plays.

These videos are especially popular on platforms like YouTube. The primary purpose of a lyrics video is to allow viewers to read and sing along with the lyrics of a song in real-time.

Lyrics videos can range from simple text displays to more elaborate animations or background visuals that sync with the music’s rhythm and mood.

They often use creative typography and dynamic transitions to make the viewing experience more engaging.

While official music videos focus on storytelling, visuals, and artist performances, lyrics videos emphasise the song’s words, making it easier for fans to learn and sing along.

How to Make a Lyrics Video on YouTube Without Copyright Issues?

  1. Choose Your Favorite Songs Wisely:
    • Original Music: Using your own compositions is the safest route.
    • Popular Songs: If you’re drawn to popular songs, ensure you have the right permissions from the copyright owner.
    • Royalty-Free Music: Opt for songs that are explicitly labeled as royalty-free or are in the public domain.
  2. Explore Built-in Resources: Platforms like You might offer a built-in library of music files. This built-in audio library can be a 2nd option if you’re unsure about the boundaries of copyright laws.
  3. Permissions are Key: If you’re using someone else’s song, get written permission from the copyright holder. This might involve paying a licensing fee.
  4. Visual Content Matters:
    • Original Visuals: Use your own background videos or image background to avoid copyright violation.
    • Clips from Music Videos: If using clips from music videos, ensure you have the content owner’s permission.
    • Stock Visuals: There are many platforms offering royalty-free images and videos. Ensure you follow their usage guidelines.
  5. Dive into Video Creation: Use an online video editor or video editing software. Online lyric video maker are tailored for video creators wanting to bring content to life with lyrics.
  6. Give Proper Credits: Mention the original artist and any other content creators in the video description. This acknowledges intellectual property rights and shows respect to content owners.
  7. Craft and Adjust: Use fancy fonts and adjust the audio over time. The adjustment of time ensures lyrics appear in sync with the music.
  8. Engage and Share: Once your amazing lyric video is up, engage with your audience. Feedback can provide insights into any unintentional copyright boundaries you might be crossing.
  9. Stay Informed: Intellectual property rights and YouTube’s policies can change. Regularly update yourself to ensure you’re within the boundaries of copyright laws.
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The Importance of Creating a Video with Lyrics Without Copyright Infringements

In today’s digital landscape, a video with lyrics offers an attention-grabbing way for artists and fans to bond over a song title or an entire song.

However, navigating potential copyright infringement is paramount.

Using song lyrics or high-quality music content without the nod from record labels or the original creator can lead to a myriad of issues.

Firstly, it’s a breach of exclusive rights, undermining the hard work and investment poured into content creation.

Platforms like YouTube are vigilant about copyright protection, and infringement in lyric videos can trigger copyright claims, Copyright Strikes, or even content takedowns.

Ignoring these rights and using content without permission can tarnish one’s reputation and result in legal repercussions.

To maintain integrity and ensure longevity in the digital space, it’s essential to either use copyright-free music tracks or secure permissions.

This approach not only respects the original creator but also ensures a seamless experience for audiences, free from interruptions or takedowns.

Navigating Copyright Concerns in Lyric Videos

When designing creative lyrics videos for platforms like YouTube, especially for your favorite tracks, it’s essential to be aware of the potential pitfalls:

  1. Unauthorised Use of Copyright On Music: Incorporating your favorite tracks without securing the necessary usage rights can lead to breaches of copyright norms. Even a brief segment of the song can infringe upon the rights of the music’s owner.
  2. Misrepresentation or Absence of Screen Credits: Failing to provide accurate screen credits or omitting them altogether can result in copyright disputes.
  3. Utilisation of Protected Imagery: Eye-catching videos often integrate visuals, such as an album cover image. Using these visuals without the right permissions can be a copyright minefield.
  4. Sampling Without Proper Rights: Introducing samples from other protected tracks in your video requires permissions. Bypassing this step risks violating the rights of the original creators.

To craft truly standout and compliant creative lyrics videos, it’s vital to obtain the necessary permissions, ensure accurate screen credits, and always respect the copyright boundaries set by artists and producers.


The appeal of lyric videos as an alternative to music videos has grown exponentially over the years.

They offer a visually engaging way to enjoy music, often using lyric video templates, decorative fonts, and captivating background stock footage.

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However, the rise in their popularity also brings the risk of copyright infringement claims.

It’s essential to understand that not everything available online, from artist images to background images, is free to use.

An exception to copyright law, like fair use, can be tricky to navigate. T

he 1st and most time-effective choice for creators is to lean on resources like the Audio Library and Creative Commons Resources.

Royalty-free music libraries often come with a built-in media library, offering a vast collection of tracks, images, and footage under creative commons licenses.

By opting for alternative non-infringing content, creators can ensure their lyric videos resonate with audiences without legal hiccups.


Is it possible to upload a lyrics video without facing copyright infringement claims?

Yes, it’s possible. To upload a lyrics video without copyright concerns:

a. Ensure you have the necessary permissions for all content used.
b. Opt for royalty-free or creative commons licensed music and visuals.
c. Avoid using clips or segments from copyrighted music videos or tracks without permission.
d. Always provide proper credits in the video description.
e. Regularly monitor your video for any copyright claims and address them promptly.

Is there an exception to copyright law that allows me to use copyrighted content?

While “fair use” is an exception, it’s subjective and can be contested. It’s safer to use alternative non-infringing content or secure permissions.

How to make a lyric video for youtube without copyright breach?

To make a lyric video for YouTube without copyright issues:

a. Use original or royalty-free music.
b. Ensure the lyrics you’re using aren’t copyrighted or seek permission from the copyright holder.
c. Use original visuals or source from royalty-free platforms.
d. Always credit the original creators, even if the content is royalty-free.
e. Familiarise yourself with YouTube’s copyright policies and guidelines.