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How to Get Copyright License for Youtube?

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September 14, 2023


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How to Get Copyright License for Youtube?

Do you know how to get copyright license for Youtube?

The world of YouTube offers endless opportunities for sharing your creativity, expressing your thoughts, and reaching a global audience.

But along with its exciting possibilities, it also involves navigating the complex world of copyright licenses.

Whether you’re creating a vlog, sharing a music video, or producing a short film, understanding how copyright licenses work on this platform is crucial to ensure you respect intellectual property rights and avoid any legal pitfalls.

Join us as we delve into the ins and outs of securing copyright licenses for YouTube, from identifying when a license is needed to understanding how to obtain one.

How to Get Copyright License for Youtube Videos?

Securing copyright for your YouTube videos involves a few essential steps.

It’s important to note that copyright laws apply as soon as your original content is created and recorded, but there are extra measures you can take for further protection:

Create Original Content

This is the fundamental step.

The content of your YouTube videos should be entirely original, meaning that you’ve created it and it doesn’t contain any copyrighted material such as music, video clips, images, etc., from others unless you have explicit permission or license to use them.

Post Your Video on YouTube

By simply uploading your video to YouTube, you are creating a public record of your work, which can be useful if there’s ever a dispute about who created the content.

Include a Copyright Notice

Although not required, including a copyright notice in the description of your video (for example, “© [Year] [Your Name]. All rights reserved.”) can serve as a reminder to viewers that your work is protected.

Register Your Copyright

While automatic upon creation, you can choose to register your copyright officially with the national copyright office in your country (such as the U.S. Copyright Office in the United States) for further legal protection.

Monitor Your Content

YouTube’s Content ID system can help identify instances where your copyrighted video has been uploaded by another user.

How to Buy Copyright Music for Youtube?

Using copyrighted music in your YouTube videos without proper authorisation can lead to copyright infringement issues.

Thankfully, there are legal ways to use copyrighted music, often by purchasing a license. Here’s a guide on how to go about it:

Identify the Song

Identify the specific song you wish to use in your video.

Find the Copyright Holder

The copyright holder is usually the music publisher or the record company.

Information about the copyright holder can often be found by doing an online search or looking up the song in a music rights database.

Request Permission

Contact the copyright holder directly, expressing your interest in using the music.

Negotiate the Terms

If the copyright holder is open to granting you a license, they’ll likely discuss the terms with you, which typically include the duration of the license and the fee involved.

Pay for the License

Once you’ve agreed on the terms, you’ll need to pay for the license, after which the copyright holder will give you a written agreement.

Make sure to keep this in a safe place as it’s your proof of legal use of the music.


If buying a copyright license is too expensive or complicated, consider using royalty-free music.

Websites like YouTube’s Audio Library, Epidemic Sound, or Artlist.io offer music that can be used for YouTube videos either for free or for a nominal subscription fee.

How to Add Copyright to a Youtube Video?

Adding copyright to a YouTube video is a straightforward process that mainly involves asserting your rights as the creator of the video. Here’s how you can do it:

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Create Original Content

Ensure that your video is entirely your own creation.

If it includes elements such as music, images, or clips created by others, make sure you have the necessary permissions or licenses.

Include a Copyright Notice in Your Video

Although not legally required, it is good practice to include a visible copyright notice in your video.

This can be done in the video itself, such as in the end credits, or in the video description.

A typical copyright notice includes the copyright symbol (©), the year of creation, and the copyright owner’s name. For example: “© 2023 Your Name. All rights reserved.”

Upload Your Video to YouTube: Once your video is uploaded, it is automatically date-stamped, which can serve as evidence of the creation date.

Assert Your Rights If Needed

If you find that someone has copied or is using your video without permission, you can file a copyright infringement notice with YouTube.

Register Your Copyright

While registering is not required, it can provide more substantial legal protection and allows you to seek statutory damages and attorney’s fees in the event of infringement.


In conclusion, navigating the world of YouTube copyright licenses might initially seem complex, but once you understand the basics, it becomes a straightforward and manageable aspect of content creation.

But in cases where you wish to use copyrighted material, obtaining the necessary licenses or permissions is vital.

Whether you’re securing copyright for your own videos, purchasing licenses to use copyrighted music, or asserting your copyright on the platform, each step contributes to maintaining a respectful and creative environment for all.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I legally use copyrighted music on YouTube?

To legally use copyrighted music on YouTube, you need to obtain a license from the copyright holder, which may be the artist, songwriter, record company, or music publisher.

You could also use royalty-free music or music provided directly by YouTube through their Audio Library.

What happens if I use copyrighted music without permission on YouTube?

If you use copyrighted music without permission, your video may be muted, blocked, or taken down by YouTube.

You may also receive a copyright strike. If you receive three strikes, your channel will be terminated.

How can I get a copyright license for a song for my YouTube video?

You can get a copyright license by identifying the copyright holder of the song and contacting them directly.

They may grant you a license for a fee. Remember to keep a record of your agreement.

Do I always need a license to use someone else’s music in my YouTube video?

Yes, unless the music is in the public domain, under Creative Commons, or the copyright holder has specifically stated that it can be freely used.

Even in cases of ‘fair use’, it can be risky without a license as interpretations of ‘fair use’ can vary.

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