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WWE Copyright on Youtube

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Manish Jindal

December 6, 2023


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WWE Copyright on Youtube

Do you know the issues of WWE copyright on Youtube?

Among the myriad of subjects available, professional wrestling, particularly content related to the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), enjoys a vast fan following.

However, just like a wrestler protecting their title, WWE has been known to guard its copyrighted content fiercely on platforms like YouTube.

The interplay between the world’s largest wrestling entertainment company and the globe’s biggest video-sharing platform presents a narrative that’s as riveting as any main event showdown.

WWE Copyright on Youtube – Protection

World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. (WWE) is a powerhouse in the realm of professional wrestling, producing vast amounts of content, from live events and pay-per-views to documentaries and digital shorts.

With such a vast catalog, it’s no surprise that the organization has a vested interest in protecting its intellectual property.

YouTube, as one of the world’s leading platforms for video sharing and consumption, has become a battleground for such protections.

Here’s a closer look at how WWE enforces its copyright on the platform.

Content ID System: YouTube’s Content ID system is a tool that allows copyright owners, like WWE, to easily identify and manage their content on YouTube.

When a video is uploaded, the Content ID system scans it against a database of files submitted by content owners.

If there’s a match, the copyright owner can decide whether to monetize, block, or track the video.

DMCA Takedowns: Under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), copyright holders can request platforms like YouTube to remove content they believe infringes on their copyrights.

WWE, like many entertainment companies, often issues DMCA takedown notices to YouTube for videos that unlawfully share their content.

WWE’s Proactive Approach: Given its massive fan base and the plethora of content produced, WWE has been proactive in ensuring that unofficial uploads of its copyrighted materials are promptly addressed.

This involves a combination of automated systems and manual monitoring.

Fan Content and Fair Use: One of the points of contention arises when fans upload content that they believe falls under “fair use,” like reviews, reactions, or critiques that might include snippets of WWE footage.

While fair use is a defense in U.S. copyright law, its boundaries are nebulous, and WWE might still issue takedowns for such content, leading to disputes.

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Monetization and Partnerships: On a more collaborative note, WWE recognizes the marketing potential of YouTube and has an official channel with millions of subscribers.

Occasionally, they may collaborate with popular YouTubers or allow certain content creators to use their footage under specific conditions, leveraging the platform’s reach for promotional purposes.


The interplay between WWE’s vigilant copyright enforcement and YouTube’s vast user-generated content landscape underscores the delicate balance between protecting intellectual property and fostering fan engagement in the digital age.

As both entities continue to evolve, the quest for harmony remains a riveting saga in the world of online content.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I upload WWE matches or segments on my YouTube channel without any modifications?

No, uploading WWE content without modifications or without obtaining explicit permission from WWE is a direct violation of their copyrights.

Such uploads are likely to be flagged and removed, and your channel might face penalties, including strikes or suspension.

I made a reaction video or review using snippets of WWE footage. Is this allowed under fair use?

While “fair use” in U.S. copyright law can potentially cover reaction videos, reviews, or critiques that use small portions of copyrighted content, it’s assessed on a case-by-case basis.

WWE might still issue takedown notices for such content.

It’s essential to be cautious and understand that “fair use” is a defense, not a right, and its boundaries can be ambiguous.

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