Having your YouTube account terminated due to copyright violations can be a distressing experience.

Copyright infringement is taken seriously by YouTube, and violations can lead to the removal of content, strikes on your account, and ultimately, account termination.

This article will speak about the reasons behind copyright-related terminations.

Here you will get useful insight into how to address the issue, and the steps channel owners can take to recover their accounts and prevent future infringements.

Understanding Copyright-Related Terminations

YouTube’s copyright policies are designed to protect the rights of content creators and copyright owners.

When copyrighted material is used without proper authorisation, it can result in a copyright strike or claim.

Repeated violations can lead to the channel suspension or termination of your YouTube account.

Common reasons for copyright-related terminations include using copyrighted music, videos, images, and other form of content without permission.

Understanding Copyright Claims and Strikes on YouTube

YouTube places a lot of value on original content and treats every creator fairly.

To prevent others from stealing and reuploading content without permission, this powerhouse platform has set up strong systems to check for copyright issues.

This is why sometimes it takes a bit of time when you’re uploading a video.

Throughout this stretch, the platform’s copyright mechanism examines the video content to identify the presence of any copyrighted material, such as music or video clips, sourced from other content creators within your video.

If the tool detects copyright infringement, you may receive a claim or strike as a warning.

Copyright claims are usually about using music or other audio in your video, and they mostly just mean you can’t make money from that specific video.

In contrast, copyright strikes are considered to be more severe.

When a strike is issued, it serves as a cautionary signal.

Upon receiving the initial strike, you will be required to complete Copyright School.

This educational resource is designed to assist content creators in comprehending copyright principles and their implementation on the YouTube platform.

Copyright strikes might impact your ability to generate revenue.

Moreover, if a copyright-related issue leads to the removal of an ongoing live stream, your live streaming privileges will be restricted for a period of 7 days.

Should you accumulate 3 copyright strikes:

  • Your account, as well as any affiliated channels, could face termination.
  • All videos uploaded to your account will be deleted.
  • The creation of new channels will be prohibited.
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If your account gets shut down because of copyright strikes, you’ll see this message:

“This account was ended because it’s connected to an account that got lots of copyright violation claims from third parties.”

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YouTube Account Terminated Due to Copyright: Steps to Address Terminations

1. Review the Notification

Upon receiving a copyright-related termination notice, carefully review the details provided by YouTube.

This notification will typically specify the copyrighted content in question and the reasons for the termination.

2. Contact the Copyright Claimant

If you believe the termination was a mistake or that you have the right to use the copyrighted material, reach out to the copyright claimant.

Open a dialogue to discuss the issue and potentially resolve the matter amicably.

3. File a Counter Notification

If you genuinely believe your use of the content falls under fair use or if you’ve obtained proper licensing, you can file a counter-notification.

This prompts the claimant to either drop the claim or take legal action to enforce it.

4. Audit Your Content

Thoroughly assess your content to identify any other potential claims of copyright infringement.

Remove or modify any copyrighted material that could lead to further claims.

Preventing Future Copyright Infringements

1. Use Royalty-Free Content

Opt for royalty-free music, images, and videos when creating content. Platforms like YouTube’s Audio Library offer a collection of copyright-friendly music tracks for your videos.

2. Seek Proper Licensing

If you intend to use copyrighted material, obtain the necessary licenses or permissions from the copyright holders. This will ensure you’re using the content legally.

3. Understand Fair Use

Educate yourself about the concept of fair use, which allows limited use of copyrighted material for purposes such as criticism, commentary, news reporting, education, and research.

4. Utilise Creative Commons Licensed Material

When looking for content to include in your videos, consider using material with Creative Commons licenses that permit certain uses without the need for explicit permission.

5. Stay Updated on Copyright Policies

YouTube’s copyright policies may evolve over time. Stay informed about the latest policies and guidelines to ensure compliance.


Dealing with a terminated YouTube account due to copyright issues can be challenging, but it’s not an insurmountable obstacle.

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By understanding copyright policies, taking steps to address the termination, and implementing preventive measures, you can recover your account and continue creating content while respecting the rights of copyright holders.

Remember, staying informed about copyright laws and guidelines is key to maintaining a successful and compliant presence on YouTube.


Can I recover a terminated YouTube account?

Yes, it’s possible to recover a terminated account by following the necessary steps outlined by YouTube.

Address the copyright issues, file counter notifications when applicable, and adhere to YouTube’s guidelines.

How many copyright strikes lead to termination?

3 copyright strikes can lead to the termination of your YouTube account.

Can fair use prevent copyright terminations?

Fair use can be used as a defense in copyright claims, but it’s essential to understand that interpretations of fair use can vary. It’s advisable to consult legal experts in such cases.

When YouTube terminate your account or YouTube channel?

When a video violates YouTube’s community guidelines or policies, or when there’s a case of copyright infringement, the video platform employs measures such as removing the video, shutting down the associated account, or discontinuing the entire channel.

Additionally, this video streaming platform owned by Google depends on inputs like user reports and official directives from governments to effectively remove videos and impose bans on channels.

What happens after the 3rd copyright strike?

Upon receiving the 3rd copyright strike, your video channel may be terminated by YouTube.

How do copyright strikes affect my channel?

Copyright strikes can lead to restricted access to features and even channel termination.