Do you know how to unblock copyright video on Youtube? Navigating the terrain of YouTube content creation often means grappling with the unexpected roadblock of a copyright claim.

In this blog post, we’ll demystify the complexities of  system and guide you through the steps you can take to unblock your copyrighted video.

Let’s turn these hurdles into learning opportunities and keep the creativity flowing!

Explain Copyright Grounds

Copyright grounds refer to the legal basis for protecting an individual or entity’s original creative work from unauthorised use.

Copyright law gives creators exclusive rights to their work, allowing them to control its distribution, reproduction, display, and creation of derivative works.

Copyright grounds come into play when content is uploaded that includes protected material, such as music, video clips, or images without proper permissions or licenses.

If an owner identifies their material being used without authorisation, they can file a claim against the video.

The  holder might have issued a Content ID claim or a DMCA takedown notice, leading to the removal or blocking of the video.

If you are a content creator, understanding copyright grounds is essential to protect your work and to respect others’ work.

Misunderstanding or ignoring laws can lead to legal issues, removal of content, or even suspension of your channel.

How to Watch Blocked Copyright Videos on Youtube?

Watching blocked copyright videos on YouTube can be a tricky task because YouTube’s primary obligation is to respect laws and protect holders’ rights.

Use a VPN

If a video is blocked in your region due to issues, you could potentially access it using a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

A VPN allows you to connect to the internet as if you’re in a different location, potentially bypassing regional restrictions.

Use a Proxy Server

Proxy server could potentially unblock a video that is restricted in your region.

YouTube Unblocker

Some websites or browser extensions act as Unblockers.

They can bypass regional restrictions and let you access blocked videos.

Using these methods to watch copyrighted content without permission may lead to consequences, including potential legal action.

Always respect the rights of content creators and holders.

How to Copyright a Video on Youtube Platform?

For content creators in India, copyrighting a video on YouTube follows a similar process. The moment you create and upload an original video, you inherently own the copyright to it.

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However, there are additional steps you can take to reinforce and assert your copyright:

Create Original Content

To claim copyright, your video must contain entirely original content.

This includes the footage, audio track, graphics, and text. Make sure not to use copyrighted material unless you have permission or are confident that it falls under fair use.

Include a Copyright Notice

Though it’s not compulsory, it helps to include a notice in your video or the video description.

A typical notice includes the symbol (©), the year of creation, and the owner’s name, for example, “© 2023 Your Name”.

Monitor Your Content

Regularly check if others are using your content without your permission.

If you find your content being used illegitimately, you can file an infringement notice with YouTube.

Apply for Content ID

If you own exclusive rights to a significant amount of original content, consider applying for YouTube’s Content ID.

This tool allows copyright owners to easily identify and manage their content on YouTube.

However, it’s mainly for those who either own a large amount of original content or represent someone who does.

Register with Indian Copyright Office

For added protection, consider registering your copyright with the  Office of India.

This is not mandatory, but it provides an official record and could offer additional legal leverage if your copyright is infringed.

How to Unblock Copyright Video on Youtube? – Is it a Violation to Use a Copyrighted Content?

Yes, it is generally considered a violation to use copyrighted content from this platform without the owner’s permission.

Copyright laws are designed to protect the rights of content creators and prevent unauthorised use of their work.

If you use someone else’s copyrighted material in your own videos without obtaining their permission or without it falling under the “fair use” guidelines, it can result in a claim or a strike against your channel.

Here are the typical consequences:

Copyright Strike

If a copyright owner sends YouTube a complete and valid legal request asking them to take down your video, you will receive a strike.

If you receive three copyright strikes, your channel will be terminated, and all your videos will be removed.

Remember, it’s always best to use original content or content that is licensed for reuse to avoid violating laws.

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Fair use can be complex and its interpretation can vary, so when in doubt, seek legal advice.

How to Unblock Copyright Video on Youtube

If one of your videos has been blocked on YouTube due to a claim, there are several steps you can take to attempt to unblock it:

Dispute the Claim

If you believe that the claim is incorrect because the content is your original creation or falls under fair use, you can file a dispute.

You can do this by going to  Studio, locating the video under the “Videos” tab, clicking “SEE DETAILS” under “Restrictions”, and following the instructions to dispute the claim.

Remove the Copyrighted Material

YouTube has tools that allow you to remove or swap the copyrighted music or video clips from your video.

In YouTube Studio, find the video, click “SEE DETAILS” under “Restrictions”, and select the option to “Remove song” or “Trim out segment”.

Contact the Claimant

The claimant’s contact information is often provided in the claim information. You can contact them directly and request that they retract their claim.

Wait It Out

In some cases, if the claim is made under Content ID, the block may be temporary. Some owners choose to apply a copyright block that lasts for a certain period.


In conclusion, unblocking a  video on YouTube can be achieved through several methods including disputing the claim, removing the copyrighted content, contacting the claimant directly, or waiting for a temporary block to expire.

However, it’s essential to remember that respect for laws forms the cornerstone of creative endeavours.

To avoid such conflicts, creators should prioritise using original content, or when using someone else’s work, ensure they have the proper permissions or are compliant with fair use policies.

Respecting these rules not only safeguards your channel but also contributes to a fair and respectful digital community.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean when my YouTube video is blocked due to a copyright claim?

When a video is blocked on YouTube due to a  claim, it means that someone who owns the copyright to some or all of the content in your video has made a claim that you have used their content without permission.

In response, YouTube has blocked your video to comply with laws.

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How can I dispute a copyright claim on my video?

If you believe that your video was mistakenly claimed or that you have the rights to use the content in question, you can dispute the claim.

You can do this through YouTube Studio, by finding the video under the “Videos” tab, clicking “SEE DETAILS” under “Restrictions”, and then following the instructions to dispute the claim.

Can I remove or replace the copyrighted content in my blocked YouTube video?

Yes, YouTube provides tools to remove or replace the copyrighted content in your video.

This can be done through YouTube Studio by locating the video, clicking “SEE DETAILS” under “Restrictions”, and selecting the option to “Remove song” or “Trim out segment”.

Can I contact the claimant directly to unblock my video on YouTube?

Yes, you can. The claimant’s contact information is often provided in the copyright claim information.

You can contact them directly and request them to retract their claim.

What happens if I get multiple claims on my YouTube channel?

Multiple copyright claims can lead to more severe consequences, including the possibility of YouTube suspending your ability to monetize and even terminating your channel.

It’s crucial to address each claim promptly and take steps to prevent future claims.