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How to Check for Plagiarism in Google Docs?

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Manish Jindal

April 8, 2024


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How to Check for Plagiarism in Google Docs?

In today’s digital age, maintaining originality in your work is crucial, and checking for plagiarism is a necessary step to ensure authenticity.

With the convenience of Google Docs and internet access at our fingertips, verifying the original source of your content has never been easier.

This article will explore how to check for plagiarism in Google Docs, using the resources available online to maintain integrity in your writing.

By following these simple steps, you can confidently submit your work knowing that it is original and free from any unwanted duplication.

Key Takeaways:

  • Use the plagiarism add-ons menu in Google Docs to easily check for plagiarism by searching for similar content online.
  • Take advantage of plagiarism detection tools to scan your document for duplicate content.
  • Manually check for plagiarism by copying and pasting specific phrases into a search engine to see if they appear elsewhere on the internet.

Does Google Docs Have a Plagiarism Checker?

No, Google Docs itself does not have a built-in plagiarism checker for most users.

There is an “originality report” feature available for teachers and students within the Google Classroom suite offered by some schools, but this isn’t widely accessible. However, there are other options for checking your work for plagiarism.

How to Check for Plagiarism in Google Docs?

There are two ways you can check your document for originality:

Using a Plagiarism Checker Add-On

You can get a number of add-ons for Google Docs that can check your work for plagiarism. To use them, follow these steps:

  • Open your Google Doc.
  • Click on “Add-ons” in the menu bar and select “Get add-ons.”
  • Search for “plagiarism checker” in the search bar and choose a reputable add-on with good reviews.
  • Install the add-on according to its instructions.
  • Once installed, you can typically highlight the text you want to check and run the plagiarism scan through the add-ons menu.
  • The add-on will analyse the text and provide a report highlighting any potential plagiarism and sources.

Using a Third-Party Plagiarism Checker Service

You can download your Google Doc as a .docx file and upload it to a third-party plagiarism checker service. These services typically offer a free trial or limited free scans before requiring a paid subscription.

Here’s a general process:

  • Open your Google Doc.
  • Click “File” in the menu bar and select “Download” followed by “Microsoft Word (.docx)”.
  • Go to a plagiarism checker service and upload the downloaded .docx file.
  • The service will scan the document and provide a report on potential plagiarism.

Best Plagiarism Checker to Check For Plagiarism in Google Doc

While Google Docs itself lacks a built-in checker, there are excellent options to ensure your work is original.

Third-party online plagiarism checkers offer in-depth scans against vast databases to identify potential instances where your writing might be unintentionally similar to existing sources. These checkers can also analyse for paraphrased content, helping you maintain academic integrity.

To explore the best plagiarism checker tool for your needs and discover features like grammar and style suggestions, click on the link to learn more.

Important Considerations

  • When using add-ons, make sure they are from reputable developers and have good user reviews.
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  • Third-party services may have limitations on free scans or file sizes.
  • Regardless of the method, plagiarism checkers are just tools to help identify potential issues. Always review the flagged text and make sure you are properly citing your sources.

What’s Next?

Checking for instances of plagiarism in Google Docs is crucial to ensure that your content is original and free from accidental plagiarism.

By using the straightforward method of checking for similarity percentage within the Google Workspace, you can easily identify any copied content in your files. However, for a more comprehensive check, external tools like Bytescare plagiarism checker offer a wide array of effective methods to detect plagiarism from online sources.

Ensure that your future writing is original by checking your original files before submission. Book a demo with Bytescare plagiarism checker to guarantee plagiarism-free content and maintain the integrity of your work.


Can Grammarly check for plagiarism in Google Docs?

Yes, Grammarly can check for plagiarism in Google Docs through its browser extension. However, this feature is part of Grammarly Premium, a subscription service.

Once the extension is installed and active, and you have a Premium account, Grammarly will offer suggestions for grammar and style and include a plagiarism check option for your document content.

How do I check my document for plagiarism?

To check a document for plagiarism, you can use online plagiarism detection tools like Bytescare, Turnitin, Grammarly, or Copyscape.

These services compare your document against extensive databases of published work to identify potential overlaps or similarities.

Upload your document or paste the text into the tool’s website, and it will conduct the check, often providing a report on its findings.

Is it plagiarism if you paraphrase?

Not always. Paraphrasing is restating someone else’s ideas in your own words. However, it becomes plagiarism if you don’t cite the original source and don’t indicate that you’re using someone else’s ideas.

How to check for plagiarism in google slides?

There isn’t a direct way to check for plagiarism in Google Slides. However, you can copy the text content from your slides and paste it into a plagiarism checker to see if any sources are missing citations.

Why to run a plagiarism check on google docs?

Checking for plagiarism in Google Docs is important to make sure that your work is unique and has the right citations. Whether it’s legal ramifications or academic punishments, plagiarising your work is never a good idea.

By using a plagiarism checker, you can identify and correct any unintentional instances of plagiarism before submitting your work. This is good for academic honesty and makes sure you give credit where credit is due for any information you use.

Can you check for plagiarism on google docs?

Yes, but not with a built-in feature. You can use add-ons or third-party plagiarism checker services as mentioned in this blog post.

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