Are you curious to know how to change copyright in MP3 File? With the vast amount of digital music at our fingertips today, effectively managing your MP3 library can be a significant task.

Among the various aspects of music  management, understanding how to change or edit copyright information can be particularly crucial.

This information, often known as metadata or ID3 tags in MP3, is what displays the artist, album, year, and importantly, the copyright information.

Whether you’re a music enthusiast wanting to have a well-organised digital library or an artist seeking to update your work’s metadata, learning how to change copyright in MP3 file can be a game-changer.

How to Copyright a MP3 File?

Copyrighting an MP3 file is essentially the same process as copyrighting any other type of creative work.

By U.S. law, a song (and by extension, an MP3 of that song) is automatically copyrighted at the moment of its creation.

Here’s how you can do that:

Create Your Work

First, create your original work.

The works can be of different types such as podcast, speech or songs etc.

Register with the U.S. Copyright Office

Go to the U.S. Copyright Office’s website ( and click on “Register a Copyright”. You need to choose the appropriate category for your work.

For an MP3 of a song, you would choose “Sound Recordings”.

Complete the Application

To complete the application, you have to provide crucial information.

They can be MP3 that includes, published and created year and title of the song.

Pay the Registration Fee

The standard fee for an online registration is $65 for one work. For the most current fee, please check the U.S. Copyright Office website.

Submit Your Work

Submitting the work can usually be done electronically, and for an MP3, this would involve uploading the file itself.

What File Types can You Copyright?

Copyright law applies to all original works of authorship that are fixed in a tangible form of expression.

This includes a wide range types across various mediums. Here are some examples:

Text Files

Copyright can be applied to text such as Word documents (.doc, .docx), PDFs, or other text formats.

This covers novels, poems, articles, essays, reports, and other written works.

Audio Files

Audio files are easy to be copyrighted in the different formats.

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The files can be sound effects, podcasts and different audio content in the form of MP3, FLAC etc.

Video Files

Original video content such as movies, documentaries, television shows, or any other type of video in formats like MP4, MOV, AVI, or MKV can be protected by copyright.

Image Files

Copyright can protect original images or graphics in file formats such as JPEG, PNG, TIFF, GIF, or RAW.

Software Files

Original software or code saved as source files in formats like JS for JavaScript, PY for Python, or compiled into executable (.exe for Windows or .dmg for Mac) can be copyrighted.

Database Files

Collections of data organised for quick search and retrieval by a computer, such as CSV or SQL files, can also be copyrighted, provided they show some level of creativity in the way the data is selected or arranged.

How to Change Copyright in Mp3 file?

Yes, you can copyright an MP3 file. In fact, any original piece of work that is saved in a fixed, tangible form, including digital formats like MP3, is automatically granted copyright protection from the moment of its creation.

However, while your work is automatically protected by copyright, enforcing this copyright — for example, in a legal dispute — typically requires that the work be registered with the copyright office in your country.

For an MP3 file, this means that the specific recording, including the performance, production, and so on, is protected.

If the MP3 contains a song, there will typically be a separate copyright for the song itself, covering the melody, lyrics, and arrangement.

Find an ID3 Tag Editor

First, you need to find a software tool that can edit ID3 tags.

There are many free and paid options available, such as Mp3tag, MusicBee, or iTunes.

Open the MP3 File in the Editor

After you have installed your chosen ID3 tag editor, open the MP3  within this software.

There should be an option to open files or add files to the library.

Locate the Copyright Tag

Look for the tag that contains the copyright information. This is usually labelled “Copyright”, “©”, or “c”.

Edit or Remove the Copyright Tag

After locating the copyright tag, you can now edit or remove it. Some editors let you clear the field by clicking on it and deleting the contents.

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Others might require you to right-click on the field and select an option to remove or clear the tag.

Save the Changes

After removing the copyright information, make sure to save the changes.

There should be an option in the software to save the changes or update the  tags.

After doing this, the copyright information will have been removed from the MP3  metadata.

Please remember that removing the copyright tag from an MP3’s metadata does not remove the actual copyright protection from the audio content of the file itself.

This is a legal protection granted to the creators of the content, and it remains in effect whether or not the metadata of the file acknowledges it.


Understanding how to alter copyright information in an MP3 can be a crucial aspect of managing your digital music library or updating your own creative works.

This process, which involves modifying the ID3 tags or metadata of an MP3, can seem complex at first. However, with the right tools and guidance, it becomes quite straightforward.

Remember that while modifying or removing the metadata can change the information associated with a file, it doesn’t alter the actual copyright protection of the music or audio content within the file.

Always respect copyright laws and ensure you have necessary permissions when handling copyrighted material.

Through responsible and legal practices, we can respect creators’ rights while also enjoying and sharing their valuable contributions to the world of music.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is copyright information in an MP3?

Copyright information in an MP3 is stored in the file’s metadata, also known as ID3 tags.

This can include the song title, artist, album, year, and copyright information itself.

It helps identify the owner of the audio content and protect their intellectual property rights.

How to change copyright in Mp3 file?

Changing the copyright information involves using an ID3 tag editor, such as Mp3tag or MusicBee, to open the file and modify its metadata.

The copyright field can be found, edited or cleared, and the changes can then be saved.

Can I remove copyright information from any MP3?

Can changing the copyright information in an MP3 file’s metadata allow me to use the file freely?

No, changing or removing the copyright information from an MP3’s metadata does not give you the rights to use the audio content freely.

The copyright protection remains in place for the content, and unauthorised use can lead to legal action.