“Where can I get non-copyrighted music?” often comes into one’s mind when one wants to incorporate the perfect music in video content.

Finding suitable music for creative projects can be a difficult task, particularly when it is important to use music that is not copyrighted to avoid any legal problems.

Non-copyrighted piece of music, often referred to as royalty-free music, provides you with the freedom to use music tracks without infringing on copyright.

In this guide, we’ll explore various sources where you can discover high-quality non-copyrighted music to elevate your videos, presentations, podcasts, and more.

Understanding Non-Copyrighted Music

Non-copyright music refers to music where the original copyright has either expired or has been intentionally relinquished by the creator or rights holder.

This type of music is a fantastic option for content creators who want to add a musical touch to their work without worrying about copyright violations.

The term “copyright-free music” encompasses songs falling under two main categories:

  • Royalty-Free
  • Creative Commons

In essence, this music is crafted for broader usage by different individuals.

Understanding Background Music Expenses

Before delving in, let’s recap the expenses tied to acquiring simple background music for social media videos.

Royalty-free music isn’t entirely free – it involves a one-time licensing fee. Once paid, you gain the freedom to use the music perpetually.

In contrast, public domain and Creative Commons works are genuinely free. Public domain doesn’t necessitate permission from the creator, whereas Creative Commons usually involves permission or attribution.

What Songs Can I Use on YouTube Without Copyright?

If you’re looking for music that you can use on YouTube without worrying about copyright issues, there are several options available. These include:

  1. Royalty-Free Music: Many websites offer royalty-free tracks that you can use in your videos. These tracks are usually available for a one-time licensing fee, and you can use them without any restrictions.
  2. Creative Commons Music: Some artists release their music under Creative Commons licenses, which allow you to use their work as long as you follow the terms specified by the license. This might include giving credit to the artist or using the piece for non-commercial uses.
  3. Public Domain Music: Melody that is in the public domain is free to use because its copyright has expired. This includes classical compositions and older songs where the copyright has lapsed.
  4. YouTube Audio Library: YouTube itself offers a collection of perfect tracks of music and sound effects that you can use in your videos. These tracks are free to use and don’t require any licensing.
  5. Free Music Platforms: There are platforms like Jamendo, Musopen, and Free Music Archive that provide a range of high-quality music that you can use without copyright concerns.

Remember to always check the specific terms and conditions of the tune you’re using to ensure you’re in compliance with the licensing requirements.

Where Can I Get Non-Copyrighted Music: Top Sources

1. YouTube Audio Library

When it comes to enhancing your YouTube videos with captivating music, look no further than the “Create” section of YouTube, where you’ll discover the treasure trove known as the Audio Library.

This hidden gem houses a diverse array of musical offerings spanning various genres, ranging from the rhythmic beats of Dance and electronic to the rustic tunes of Country and folk.

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The best part? You have the creative freedom to integrate any of these tracks into your video content without shelling out a dime.

The music compilation in the library consists of a blend of public domain compositions and tracks licensed under Creative Commons. The simple requirement for you is to acknowledge the track’s owner by providing proper attribution.

To maximise your experience within this musical haven, make the most of its intuitive search function.

For example, you can effortlessly narrow down your search based on the desired mood, whether it’s a soothing “calm,” an intense “dramatic,” or a groove-inducing “funky.”

Additionally, you can refine your quest by specifying the duration of the track. This step ensures that the selected song aligns seamlessly with the length of your video content.

Another interesting section is the Music Policies segment. It provides info about using popular tracks in your videos. You’ll know if you’re allowed to use them and if there are any usage rules.

Adding melodies to your YouTube videos not only improves the viewing experience but also adds emotion to your original content.

With YouTube’s Audio Library, you can enhance your videos with various music choices while following guidelines and respecting music creators’ rights.

2. Free Music Archive

Founded in 2009 through a collaboration involving WFMU, a community radio station the Free Music Archive (FMA) stands as an online sanctuary for royalty-free music.

It’s designed to offer music under Creative Commons licenses, allowing free downloads and usage in various audiovisual projects.

The platform’s inception sought to curate exceptional music for the internet age.

WFMU announced the closure of FMA in 2018 due to funding constraints, but it was saved by KitSplit in December 2018 and later found a new home under the wing of Tribe of Noise.

This platform boasts an impressive collection of over 150,000 songs contributed by global singers and songwriters.

The platform’s dedication to fostering independent artists is commendable, further exemplified by their informative FAQ guide, which clarifies the varying attribution criteria tied to Creative Commons licenses.

3. Epidemic Sound: Your Source for Great Music

Epidemic Sound has a wide range of excellent music tracks. Some tracks need a subscription, but they also have royalty-free music you can use.

Tailored Soundtracks for Every Tale

Their music and sound effects collection enhances your audio content. It makes your stories stick. Access unlimited downloads or streams of over 40,000 tracks and 90,000 sound effects with their royalty-free music library.

4. SoundCloud

SoundCloud is not only a platform for artists to share their songs but also a source of non-copyrighted music.

You can refine your search to display tracks with reuse licenses. Experiment with search terms like “background music,” “uplifting background music,” or “ambient beat.”

SoundCloud’s social aspect offers insights—tracks with numerous “likes” indicate their popularity, ensuring your video’s appeal.

A notable advantage of sourcing background music from SoundCloud is the authentic feel of the tracks.

Unlike manufactured marketing-specific tunes, these tracks exude a genuine musical quality.

5. PremiumBeat

Discover PremiumBeat’s meticulously chosen music tracks for a pro touch. Access unique, top-notch music and sound effects.

Their royalty-free music library exudes the sophistication of major production houses. Moreover, every track is exclusively theirs and copyright-cleared.

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6. Discovering Musopen: A Unique Classical Experience

Musopen stands apart from the crowd with its exclusive focus on classical royalty-free music. Delve into the works of legendary composers like Johann Sebastian Bach and others.

Navigation is simplified – you can search by instrument, composer, or author. This feature proves invaluable when aiming for a specific mood or concept in your personal project or commercial video projects.

While the music available might not be contemporary, it aligns beautifully if you’re aiming for a refined or cultured ambiance.

Furthermore, its timeless quality ensures a memorable impact on viewers, fostering an enduring connection with your video.

7. Incompetech

Incompetech, created by composer Kevin MacLeod, offers a wide array of music tracks across genres. The music is available under Creative Commons licenses, making it suitable for various projects.

8. ccMixter: A Haven for Free Music

ccMixter is like a community hub for artists, including musicians, singers, and DJs. They share their cool music for free, as long as you say it’s by them. Here, you can find special background music.

To find free music for videos, you can check out what the editors like or the tracks with the highest ratings. If you really enjoy a certain artist, you can see more of their stuff by visiting their profile in the “People” area.

You can also use a tag cloud, which is like an old-school search tool, to find the kind of track you want. When you click on a track, you can learn a lot about it, even its Creative Commons license.

It might take a bit to get used to, but even with that, ccMixter is a great place to find new and original background music for videos.

9. Jamendo

Jamendolicensing is an online copyright-free music library that provides a wide range of options for users.

It offers over 250,000 tracks from over 9,000 artists and has a user-friendly interface with various filters for easy browsing.

The library covers 175 genres and sub-genres and includes filters for mood, themes, project type, instruments, and speed.

10. Pixabay: More Than Just Photos

Pixabay is a platform that offers free stock photos as well as free royalty-free music.

With the launch of Pixabay Music in 2020, the platform has become your one-stop shop for all your YouTube video needs.

Users have the option to easily search for background music for their YouTube videos based on genre, mood, and tag, and it is all accessible without charge.

Beyond music, you’ll also discover stock videos and sound effects.

According to the Pixabay License, popular songs can be downloaded, used, and modified for both commercial and non-commercial projects.

While not mandatory, giving credit to the artist as a thank-you gesture is a lovely touch.

11. Explore Bensound’s Royalty-Free Melodies

Bensound offers a range of downloadable royalty-free music. With vivid categories like Acoustic, Cinematic, and Urban, you get a sense of each genre’s vibe.

Using Bensound’s music in your YouTube videos is free, but you’re limited to the site’s free music list, and attribution is necessary. For full access to all tracks, consider a paid plan starting at $9.99 per month.

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Exploring More Copyright-Free Music Sources

If none of these choices match your preference, here’s a quick list of other spots to discover copyright-free music for videos:


Finding non-copyrighted music doesn’t have to be a daunting task.

With the plethora of sources available, you can confidently enhance your creative projects without worrying about copyright issues.

Remember to review the licensing terms of each track you use, ensuring that you’re adhering to the requirements while enjoying the benefits of high-quality music for your creative materials.


Can I use non-copyrighted music for commercial purposes?

Yes, you can use non-copyrighted music in commercial projects without worrying about copyright infringement.

Do I need to credit the artist when using copyright-free music?

It depends on the licensing terms. Some tracks require attribution, while others don’t. Always check the specific license associated with the music track.

Can I modify non-copyrighted music tracks?

In many cases, you can make modifications to non-copyrighted music tracks to suit your project. However, be sure to review the licensing terms to ensure you’re following the guidelines.

Can I find non-copyrighted music for specific genres?

Yes, many social media platforms categorise their music by genres, making it easier for you to find non-copyrighted tracks that match your project’s style.

How to get non-copyright music for YouTube?

If you’re searching for music that’s free from copyright restrictions for your YouTube videos, here’s a guide on how to do it:

1. Royalty-Free Music Libraries: Explore websites like PremiumBeat, Bensound, and Epidemic Sound. They offer a variety of high-quality tracks that you can use after paying a one-time licensing fee.

2. Creative Commons: Look for music released under Creative Commons licenses. Websites like SoundCloud and ccMixter host artists who share their work with specific usage permissions. Always check the license terms for proper attribution or restrictions.

3. Public Domain: Consider using music from the public domain, where copyright has expired. This includes classical compositions and older tunes. Websites like Musopen provide access to public domain music.

4. YouTube Audio Library: YouTube itself offers an extensive library of copyright-free music and sound effects that you can use without any charges. Filter your search based on mood, genre, and more.

5. Attribution Requirements: When using Creative Commons or other free music, make sure to provide proper attribution as per the original license terms. This might involve crediting the artist in your video description.

6. Original Composition: Create your own music or collaborate with musicians to make unique tracks for your videos. This guarantees complete ownership and control over the music’s usage.

Always review the licensing terms, follow attribution rules, and ensure that your chosen music aligns with YouTube’s policies to avoid copyright claims on your videos.