Do you know how to use Bollywood song without copyright?

The use of Bollywood music, like any other copyrighted material, needs to be handled with care to avoid infringing upon the rights of the creators and owners.

This extends to Bollywood songs, which are often copyrighted by the music production company that produced them.

Utilising these songs without appropriate permissions can lead to legal issues.

However, there are ways to use the music without infringing on copyright laws, including obtaining licenses, using music under fair use guidelines, or using royalty-free music.

This guide aims to provide a deeper understanding of how to use Bollywood songs without violating copyright laws.

What is Music Licensing?

Mechanical License: This is a license for the audio recording of a song, allowing you to reproduce and distribute the music on CDs, records, tapes, ringtones, permanent digital downloads, and interactive streams.

Synchronization License (Sync License): This license allows you to use a song or a piece of music in combination with visual media outputs like films, TV shows, advertisements, video games, etc.

Master License: This license allows you to use a specific recording of a song in a visual setting like a movie, TV show, commercial, etc. This is typically obtained from the recording label.

Print Rights License: This is a license to use a song in printed form, in sheet music, for example.

How to Use Bollywood Song Without Copyright

Get Permission or a License: The most straightforward way is to obtain permission from the copyright owner. This often involves paying a licensing fee.

Use Royalty-Free Music: There are many platforms, such as AudioJungle, Epidemic Sound, and PremiumBeat, where you can purchase royalty-free music.

These platforms often have a wide range of tracks available, including some that are similar in style or mood.

Use Covers or Parodies: In some cases, you might be able to use a cover version of a popular song or create a parody of it.

Fair use might apply in certain situations, especially in the case of parodies, but the laws vary greatly by country and specific situation.

Always read and follow the terms of the specific Creative Commons license.

Take Advantage of the YouTube Audio Library: YouTube offers a collection of free-to-use tunes and sound effects in its Audio Library.

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While this won’t typically include popular tunes, it can be a useful resource for finding music for your videos.

Agreements With Music Owners to Use the Songs

Securing agreements with music owners is a critical step for using the music legally in various contexts such as movies, advertisements, video games, and live performances.

These agreements, often called licensing agreements, grant permissions to use copyrighted music in return for payment.

There are different types of licenses such as mechanical, synchronization, performance, and master licenses.

Each covers different uses and often, multiple licenses are needed for a single use.


In conclusion, to use a Bollywood song without infringing copyright, it is crucial to secure the appropriate licensing agreements.

The licenses can be obtained from the copyright owners themselves or their representatives. Ensure you understand the different types of licenses needed based on your intended use.

As copyright laws can be complex and differ by jurisdiction, legal advice is highly recommended to avoid potential disputes or penalties.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I legally use Bollywood songs in my YouTube videos?

To legally use Bollywood songs in your YouTube videos, you need to obtain a synchronization license from the copyright owner.
This allows you to sync their music with your video. YouTube also has a Content ID system to manage and identify copyrighted content, and it’s recommended to understand how this system works.

Can I use Bollywood songs for free under ‘fair use’?

There is an exception to the copyright violation ie, ‘Fair Use’. The fair use can be applied for criticism, reporting, teaching, research etc.

However, it is a complex legal doctrine and is interpreted differently in different jurisdictions.
If your use doesn’t clearly fall under ‘fair use’, it’s best to obtain a license.

How do I obtain a license to use a Bollywood song?

To obtain a license, you’ll need to contact the copyright owner directly or their representative, such as a music publisher or a performing rights organisation.

Can I cover a Bollywood song without obtaining a license?

Even for a cover version, you need a mechanical license to record and distribute the song. This license can be obtained from the songwriter or their representative.
If you plan to distribute the cover on platforms like YouTube, you also need a synchronization license.

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