In today’s digital age, piracy and counterfeit products pose significant challenges for businesses.

Bytescare, co-founded by Manish Jindal, an alumnus of IIT BHU and EDHEC Business School with a strong finance background, offers innovative solutions to combat these issues.

In a SafetyDetectives interview, Manish discusses his transition from investment banking to entrepreneurship and his collaboration with Vineet Kumar, the original founder of Bytescare.

Vineet’s initial venture, a Dropbox-like platform, faced copyright issues when users uploaded copyrighted content.

This challenge led to the creation of Bytescare, which aims to protect original content creators.

Manish Jindal’s Journey to Bytescare

Manish’s journey began with a B.Tech degree in Electrical Engineering from IIT BHU, followed by a Master’s degree in finance from EDHEC Business School in France.

His experiences in investment banking and capital raising paved the way for his entrepreneurial journey with Bytescare.

Founded by Vineet Kumar, a close friend and alumnus of IIT BHU, Bytescare’s inception was driven by the challenges faced by content creators due to piracy.

Personal Experiences Leading to Bytescare

Manish’s personal experiences, including content leaks at an edtech company and being duped by an impersonator, resonated with Vineet’s vision, leading to his association with Bytescare in 2020.

Partnership with Vineet Kumar

Vineet’s technical expertise combined with Manish’s background in finance and business proved to be a winning combination.

Together, they structured the organisation, expanded the team, and achieved significant growth.

Bytescare’s Comprehensive Suite of Services

Bytescare offers a holistic approach to digital protection, encompassing both preventive and reactive measures:

1. Pre-Piracy Solutions

Bytescare’s pre-piracy tools are designed to fortify digital platforms against potential breaches.

Unlike traditional DRM or watermarking solutions, Bytescare focuses on creating an impregnable digital environment where unauthorised extraction of content becomes virtually impossible.

2. Post-Piracy Solutions

Bytescare’s post-piracy services are geared towards swift detection and removal of pirated content from unauthorised channels.

By leveraging advanced technology and partnerships with major tech platforms, Bytescare ensures that pirated content is promptly taken down, safeguarding the interests of original creators.

3. Brand Protection

Bytescare’s brand protection services are twofold.

Firstly, they identify and remove impersonating profiles or websites that misuse logos or trademarks.

Secondly, they combat financial scams and phishing attempts carried out in the name of legitimate brands, ensuring that brand reputation remains untarnished.

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The Importance of Proactive Piracy Detection

Manish emphasises the importance of proactive piracy detection. Many clients lose 20–25% of their revenue due to piracy.

Bytescare’s proactive approach identifies and removes pirated content efficiently and cost-effectively.

Reasons for Content Piracy

Content piracy arises from regional unavailability and pricing concerns. Bytescare’s solutions address these challenges head-on.

Bytescare’s Proactive Approach

Bytescare’s technology scans the internet to identify unauthorised links and ensures their swift removal, providing an efficient solution to piracy.

Our technology offers a faster and more cost-effective solution. Our proactive approach and established relationships with major platforms enable us to remove pirated content swiftly.

Technologies Empowering Real-Time Digital Asset Protection

Bytescare’s solutions are underpinned by cutting-edge technologies that offer real-time protection to digital assets.

For pre-piracy measures, Bytescare is pioneering solutions that render extracted files unusable, thereby deterring unauthorised downloads.

Additionally, their invisible watermarking technology for textual content, which they plan to adapt for images and videos, ensures that even if content is copied, its origin can be traced back, holding infringers accountable.

For post-piracy measures, Bytescare employs sophisticated crawlers and scraping technology that continuously monitor the digital landscape for unauthorised content.

Once detected, Bytescare’s automated tools initiate takedown requests, ensuring that pirated content is swiftly removed.

Strategies to Counterfeit Digital Products

Bytescare’s approach to identifying counterfeit digital products is meticulous and data-driven.

By analysing keywords, website footprints, and product details, Bytescare can discern genuine products from counterfeits.

They analyse various factors, such as pricing, discounts, and seller details, to detect discrepancies and identify counterfeit products.

Their rigorous verification process not only ensures that counterfeit products are promptly identified but also ensures that an appropriate action is taken to safeguard the interests of original creators and consumers.