Amazon, the world’s largest online marketplace, offers a plethora of opportunities for sellers.

However, with great opportunities come great challenges, especially when it comes to brand protection.

As the platform grows, so does the number of unscrupulous sellers looking to capitalise on the hard work of genuine brands.

So, how can you ensure that your brand remains protected on Amazon? This article on amazon brand protection will give you a useful knowledge regarding this.

Why Brand Protection on Amazon is Crucial?

The meteoric rise of Amazon as a global marketplace has ushered in a new era of e-commerce. However, with this growth comes challenges.

The platform has seen a surge in sellers, and among them, bad actors with malicious intentions.

These fraudulent sellers often list counterfeit products, posing as genuine items, leading to potential abuse and supply chain defects.

Such forms of abuse range from hijackers offering fake versions of your product for sale to competitors deliberately posting inaccurate listings or leaving fake negative reviews.

This not only tarnishes the brand’s or business reputation but also degrades the experience for customers.

Imagine a customer receiving bundled products that are mere imitations of the original or encountering bad listings that misrepresent the actual product.

Such instances can lead to intellectual property infringement, especially if the counterfeit closely mimics the original.

Amazon Stores, designed to give brands a unique space, aren’t immune either.

Major counterfeiting networks target these stores, introducing abusive brands that violate intellectual property rights.

The presence of these abusive brands and fraudulent sellers on the platform can lead to a myriad of issues, from online product infringements to customers receiving products that don’t meet their expectations.

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Amazon Brand Protection Services

In the vast expanse of the e-commerce world, Amazon stands as a beacon for prospective sellers and eager shoppers alike.

However, with its immense popularity comes the challenge of ensuring that every single product listed is genuine and not a counterfeit.

Recognising the gravity of these challenges, Amazon has rolled out a suite of brand protection solution and services, underlining its commitment to transparency and ensuring that business leaders can confidently showcase their high-value products.

  1. Amazon Brand Registry: A boon for brand owners, the Amazon Brand Registry offers enhanced control over product listings. By enrolling, brands not only ensure high-quality product listings but also gain access to class protection tools. These tools, powered by advanced technology, aid in tracking and swiftly removing infringing or fake products. The result? A platform where the brand’s identity is accurately represented, free from the shadows of counterfeit items.
  2. IP Accelerator: Intellectual property protection is paramount in today’s digital age. However, for many sellers, navigating this complex realm can be overwhelming. Enter the IP Accelerator. This service bridges the gap, connecting sellers with seasoned law firms specialising in intellectual property rights. The goal? To expedite the process of securing trademarks and fortifying protection, ensuring that brands stand tall amidst the competition.
  3. Transparency Codes: Amazon’s commitment to ensuring authentic products reaches its customers is evident in its Transparency program. Brands can now apply unique codes to their products. Customers, in turn, can scan these codes to confirm the product’s authenticity, a testament to Amazon’s continued advancements in fostering trust.
  4. Project Zero: Counterfeit items are not just a threat to brands but also to the trust that customers place in Amazon. Project Zero, equipped with machine learning, scans and identifies these fake products, ensuring their swift removal. This proactive approach, combined with Amazon’s aid to law enforcement, has a positive impact, ensuring that every purchase on the platform is genuine. 
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The Threats: What You’re Up Against

Several underhanded tactics are employed by dishonest sellers:

  • Hijackers and Counterfeit Listings: These sellers steal the Buy Box by offering counterfeit versions of genuine products. They might even alter product listings to make them non-compliant with Amazon’s policies.
  • Infringement: This includes unauthorised use of copyrighted images, logos, or using a brand name without permission. It’s essential to have registered trademarks and copyrights to combat this.
  • False Claims on IP Infringement: Some sellers might falsely accuse you of infringing on their intellectual property, leading to potential listing removals or account suspensions.
  • Fake Reviews: Competitors might flood your product listings with fake negative reviews to harm your brand’s reputation and sales.

Proactive Steps for Amazon Brand Protection

Protecting your brand on Amazon requires a proactive approach:

  1. Register Early: Enroll in Amazon’s Brand Protection programs as soon as you can. This gives you access to tools and resources that can help safeguard your brand.
  2. Constant Monitoring: Keep an eye on your product listings. Regularly check for unauthorised sellers or changes to your listings.
  3. Engage a Brand Protection Team: Consider hiring experts who specialise in Amazon brand protection. They can monitor listings, handle infringements, and ensure that your brand remains protected.

Additional Tips for Proactive Protection of Your Brand

  • Use Amazon FNSKU: This unique identifier represents the barcode of your product. It is specific to your products and helps in differentiating genuine products from counterfeits.
  • Activate Two-Step Login: Enhance the security of your Amazon Seller Central account by enabling two-step verification.
  • Optimise Product Listings: High-quality product listings not only attract customers but also deter hijackers. Ensure your listings accurately represent your brand and products.
  • Monitor Customer Reviews: Regularly check customer reviews to identify and address fake negative feedback.


Safeguarding your brand on Amazon goes beyond a mere one-time task; it’s a continuous journey that demands diligence.

With the integration of automated protections and robust seller verification processes, Amazon has fortified its platform against the influx of fake items.

By collaborating with entities like the U.S. Customs and Border Protection and harnessing technology for signs of infringements, the platform ensures a selling experience devoid of counterfeit threats.

As brand owners, tapping into these powerful tools not only shields owners from counterfeiters but also prevents listing issues that can lead to a negative experience for customers.

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The protection benefits extend beyond just the brand; they enhance customer engagement, ensuring that every interaction on Amazon resonates with authenticity and trust.

In this protective arena, agencies like Bytescare emerge as invaluable allies.

Bytescare harnesses technology to offer a comprehensive suite of brand protection service and e-commerce survillence, from ensuring product authenticity to monitoring sellers.

With Bytescare, brands can confidently combat counterfeits, ensuring their reputation remains unblemished.

Interested in fortifying your brand’s defense on Amazon? Book a demo with Bytescare and take the first step towards impeccable brand protection.


How does the Amazon Brand Protection Program work?

The program offers tools and services, like the Brand Registry, that allow brands to monitor, manage, and protect their listings from potential threats.

Is there a specific solution for brand protection on Amazon?

Amazon’s suite of tools, including the Transparency program and Project Zero, act as comprehensive solutions for online brand protection.

Is there a software solution for Amazon brand protection?

While Amazon provides its tools, third-party software solutions can help brands monitor listings, track infringements, and manage brand representation.

Which company is most used for brand protection on amazon in India?

Amazon’s own Brand Registry is a significant tool for brand protection on its platform. For the majority of brands, the journey to fortifying their presence on Amazon begins with the Amazon Brand Registry. While each of our protection tools is potent on its own, their combined use amplifies their efficacy, constructing a formidable barrier against malicious players.

What is Amazon Brand Protection Management?

Amazon Brand Protection Management refers to the suite of tools and programs offered by Amazon to help brand owners safeguard their intellectual property on the platform. This includes services like the Amazon Brand Registry, which allows brands to have greater control over their product listings, and tools that detect and remove counterfeit or infringing listings. The goal is to ensure that customers receive genuine products and that brands maintain their reputation and integrity on the Amazon marketplace.