Identifying the source of book leaks is a challenging task for publishers and authors. Leakage can occur at various stages, including within the internal team, during the printing process, or from users who share content without authorization.

Detecting and addressing these leaks in a timely manner is crucial to protect intellectual property and ensure content security. Traditional methods of identifying leakage sources are often time-consuming and lack precision. A solution is needed to swiftly identify the source of book leaks, allowing for corrective action and maintaining content integrity.

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Bytescare provides a comprehensive TextMarker solution designed to address the challenges of identifying the source of book leaks. Our solution utilises advanced technology and algorithms to trace the origin of leaks and detect the source, whether it's from the internal team, printing stage, or user level. The key features and benefits of our solution include:

  • Copy Protection:
  • Resist copying and pasting attempts.
  • Invisible Watermarking:
  • Imperceptible watermarks detectable by Bytescare software.
  • Leakage Tracing:
  • Trace leaks to their source.
  • Easy Integration:
  • Seamless integration with existing systems.


By implementing Bytescare's TextMarker solution, publishers and authors can achieve significant results and benefits, including:

  • Content Integrity:
  • Identify and address book leaks.
  • Operational Efficiency:
  • Easy integration, smooth operational flow.
  • Future Compatibility:
  • Support for evolving file formats.
  • Control and Security:
  • Trace leaks and maintain content control.
  • Improve ROI:
  • Increase the ROI by identifying the source of leakage.

Bytescare's TextMarker solution empowers publishers and authors to swiftly identify the source of book leaks, allowing for prompt corrective action. By fortifying content, tracing leaks, and maintaining control, publishers and authors can protect their intellectual property, ensure content security, and maintain the integrity of their valuable works.

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