Edtech companies often face the challenge of unauthorised uploads of their premium video content on platforms like YouTube. These uploads not only infringe upon their intellectual property rights but also lead to revenue loss and a compromised learning experience for their users.

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Our Digital Piracy Monitoring solution provides comprehensive measures to locate and manage instances of unauthorised uploads of your premium video content on YouTube. By leveraging advanced technology and proactive monitoring, we empower Edtech companies to protect their intellectual property and ensure a secure and legitimate learning environment.

  • Real-time Monitoring:
  • Continuously monitor YouTube for unauthorised uploads.
  • Content Identification:
  • Identify matches between your content and uploads.
  • Reporting and Takedown:
  • Promptly report and remove infringing videos.
  • Copyright Enforcement:
  • Protect your intellectual property rights.
  • Analytics and Insights:
  • Gain valuable piracy-related insights.


Since implementing Bytescare's Fake Profile Remover service, our clients have experienced significant benefits, including:

  • IP Protection:
  • Safeguard your premium video content.
  • Revenue Protection:
  • Prevent revenue loss from unauthorised access.
  • Enhanced User Experience:
  • Ensure a secure learning environment.
  • Brand Reputation:
  • Maintain a strong brand image.
  • Legal Compliance:
  • Fulfil copyright protection obligations.

Effectively manage YouTube piracy for Edtech companies with real-time monitoring, content identification, reporting, takedown, copyright enforcement, and analytics. Protect your intellectual property, preserve revenue, enhance user experience, maintain brand reputation, and ensure legal compliance through our Digital Piracy Monitoring solution.

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