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Report an Incident

Empower Our Mission for Digital Fairness and Authenticity

Digital piracy, brand infringement, and reputation damage are critical issues in the digital world. Your vigilance helps us uphold the principles of fair digital use and protects brands and creators from illicit activities. At Bytescare, we're committed to tackling these problems. We enable you to report incidents involving:

Our mission

Digital Piracy or Copyright Infringements

Silence fuels digital piracy. Speak up if you witness unauthorised content distribution. Join us in upholding copyright laws.

E-commerce Counterfeits

Assist us in identifying counterfeit products on e-commerce platforms. Protect genuine brands and consumers.

Brand or Trademark Infringements

Report instances where a brand's unique trademark is being misused or misrepresented.

Reputation or Defamation Cases

Help us combat malicious activities that damage reputations. Report incidents to Bytescare and make a difference today.

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