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Bytescare is a Delhi-based technology service provider. We are a team of engineers and legal experts with over 15+ years of collective experience in our field. Backed by deep learning, AI and human expertise, we have developed proprietary tools that can detect pirated content on the web. More than 40+ companies use our platform to fight counterfeits, piracy, impersonation, and distribution abuse and protect their rightful revenue. Bytescare's scalable, cost-effective solution has disrupted an industry, traditionally dominated by non-tech service providers.

Bytescare uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to detect and remove IP infringements online. Our technology can enforce intellectual property rights and remove issues from global online marketplaces, social media networks, websites and other online channels by automating rules or just with one click of a validation card.

At Bytescare, we know how valuable your content is. Our only goal is to protect your content, so you can own and earn what's rightfully yours. With over 40 companies joining Bytescare, we are one of the fastest-growing brand protection software companies. We eliminate expensive hourly lawyer and analyst fees by providing advanced AI technology that never sleeps. All for an affordable flat fee. Take advantage of our team of experts who provide advice to companies across all industries.

Digital piracy refers to the making of unlawful copies of copyrighted music, games, software, electronic books, and movies, as well as streaming that content without the permission of the copyright holder.

The process begins with obtaining an illegal copy of the original content. After that, the illegal copy is shared with other pirates to be uploaded on unauthorized sites, after which it passes through many intermediaries responsible for promoting the illegally obtained content. To view such content is not only easy but free and devoid of any legal repercussions.

The term 'anti-piracy' refers to efforts to combat copyright violations, counterfeiting, and other infringements of intellectual property laws using technologies such as the Internet, social media, and peer-to-peer file-sharing.

This is a notice sent to an online service provider explaining that infringing material is located on its network and that the infringing URL(s) or website should be removed. We issue DMCA notices to companies, web hosts, search engines, and internet service providers that host or link to materials that violate copyright. Upon receiving a notice, the party takes down the material as soon as possible.

The short answer is that you cannot. Content is being produced and broadcasters and operators are charging a fee for providing it to their viewers, but there will always be pirates looking to exploit the relationship between supply and demand to their advantage. Even though you cannot stop content piracy, you can mitigate its effects. One way is to set a fair price for your content but a fair price does not guarantee that pirates will not copy your content. A strong strategy is to identify which content is pirated and where, and then act swiftly or legally to remove it and that is where we come in.

Our Bytescare software protects your content at various stages of the content life-cycle. 1. Before publishing the content 2. Post publishing the content 3. Regular scanning and updates

Depending on the protection you need for your business, we provide customized and affordable plans to our customers. For additional information, please contact one of our brand protection specialists.

We have a contact page where you can submit questions to the appropriate department.