Do you know ‘IGTV video blocked copyright issues’ and how Instagram blocks the video?

We live in an era where sharing content has never been easier. From the latest dance trends to DIY tutorials, platforms like Instagram’s IGTV have opened doors for creators worldwide to showcase their talents and insights.

However, just as we’re given this incredible tool to share, we’re also faced with the complexities of copyright regulations.

You might’ve recently experienced an abrupt ‘halt’ with a notification claiming your IGTV video was blocked due to copyright infringement.

If you’re scratching your head, wondering why, and looking to navigate this intricate web, you’re in the right place.

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Instagram Violating Policies

Instagram, like many social media platforms, is a space that constantly evolves. 

However, striking a balance between content moderation and upholding user rights is not always a straightforward task.

1. Censorship and Content Moderation

The challenge with moderating content on such a vast platform is determining what’s acceptable and what’s not.

Instagram has faced backlash for removing content that it deemed inappropriate, while critics argue that these decisions infringe upon freedom of expression.

2. Data Privacy Concerns

Instagram, being a subsidiary of Facebook (now known as Meta), has been part of larger discussions about data privacy and how user information is used and monetised.

The platform’s data collection practices and how this data is shared with third parties have been topics of concern for many.

3. Children’s Privacy

In its bid to attract younger audiences, Instagram has faced scrutiny over how it handles children’s data and privacy.

Concerns have been raised about the potential risks to minors and the strategies employed to keep them safe.

4. Algorithmic Bias

Another area of contention is the platform’s algorithm.

While Instagram uses its algorithm to deliver tailored content to users, there have been claims that it may perpetuate biases, inadvertently promoting harmful content or suppressing voices from marginalised communities.

5. Ad Policies and Influencer Transparency

As influencer marketing continues to grow, there’s a heightened focus on transparency.

Instagram has been working on clearer ad labeling, but some argue that it’s still too easy for influencers to post sponsored content without clear disclosures, potentially misleading their audience.

In conclusion, while Instagram offers a vibrant space for sharing and connection, it also grapples with the challenges of content moderation, privacy concerns, and the ethical implications of its algorithms.

As users, staying informed about these issues helps ensure we use the platform responsibly and advocate for positive changes.

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Why Instagram Blocks IGTV Videos?

IGTV Video Blocked Copyright Issues

Instagram’s IGTV, designed for longer video content, has been a game-changer for creators looking to engage their audience in a more immersive way.

However, like any platform hosting user-generated content, Instagram has set guidelines and automated systems in place to moderate this content.

Occasionally, you might find that a video you uploaded on IGTV gets blocked. Let’s explore the common reasons why this can happen.

1. Copyright Infringement

The most frequent cause for video removal on IGTV is a violation of copyright. If you’ve used a song, clip, or any content that you don’t have rights to, Instagram’s automated system might detect it and block the video.

Music, especially, is heavily monitored, and using copyrighted songs without permission can lead to immediate removal.

2. Inappropriate Content

Instagram has a set of community guidelines that all content on the platform must adhere to.

These guidelines prohibit explicit content, hate speech, violence, and other forms of inappropriate material. If your video is found to violate any of these rules, it’s likely to be blocked.

3. Misinformation and Fake News

In response to the rise of misinformation on social media, Instagram has put measures in place to flag and remove content that spreads false or misleading information.

If your video is promoting unverified claims or is reported multiple times for spreading falsehoods, it can be removed.

4. Promotion of Harmful or Dangerous Acts

Videos that promote self-harm, dangerous challenges, or any behavior that could be harmful to viewers can be flagged and removed.

Instagram prioritises the safety and well-being of its users, so content that goes against this is likely to be blocked.

5. Spam and Misleading Metadata

If your video’s description, tags, or title are misleading or filled with irrelevant keywords in an attempt to game the system, Instagram might consider it spam. Such practices can result in the video being taken down.

6. Multiple User Reports

If several users report an IGTV video, Instagram’s moderation team will review it. If they find the reports valid and the content against their guidelines, they can block the video.

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How Instagram Reports IGTV Videos?

Instagram, as a platform, places a high priority on maintaining a safe and respectful environment for its users.

Given the diverse and extensive user-generated content, Instagram has developed a robust system to report content that might violate its guidelines.

Here’s a look at how the reporting mechanism works specifically for IGTV videos:

1. User Reports

The most common way an IGTV video comes under scrutiny is through user reports.

  • When viewing an IGTV video, users have the option to click on the three dots (or similar menu icon) usually located at the bottom or top of the video.
  • From there, they can select “Report” and then specify the reason for the report, such as “Inappropriate Content,” “Spam,” or “Misinformation.”
  • Once reported, the content is flagged for review by Instagram’s moderation team.

2. Automated Detection

Beyond user reports, Instagram uses machine learning and automated systems to detect content that might violate its guidelines.

  • For instance, copyrighted material, especially popular songs or clips from movies and TV shows, can be automatically detected using digital fingerprinting technologies.
  • If the system detects a potential violation, the content may be flagged or directly removed, and the user notified.

3. Moderation Team Review

After content is reported (either by users or through automated detection), it typically goes through a review process.

  • Instagram’s human moderation team assesses the reported content against the platform’s community guidelines.
  • If the team determines the content to be in violation, it can be removed, and the account owner is notified. In some cases, repeated violations can lead to further account restrictions or even suspension.

4. Appeal Process

If a creator believes their IGTV video was wrongly removed:

  • They can appeal the decision through Instagram’s Help Center.
  • The appeal might prompt a re-review of the content, and if found to be compliant with the guidelines, the video can be reinstated.

How Instagram Releases Blocked Video?

Being notified that your IGTV video has been blocked on Instagram can be a frustrating experience, especially if you believe the decision was made in error.

Instagram has processes in place to address such concerns. Here’s how the platform manages the reinstatement of blocked videos:

1. Understanding the Notification

First and foremost, when a video is blocked, Instagram typically sends a notification explaining the reason.

This could be due to copyright infringement, violation of community guidelines, or other specified reasons. Review this notification carefully to understand why the action was taken.

2. The Appeal Process

If you believe that your video was wrongly blocked, you can appeal the decision.

  • Navigate to ‘Settings’ on your Instagram profile.
  • Go to ‘Help’ and then select ‘Report a Problem.’
  • From there, choose ‘Something isn’t working’ or a related issue and describe the situation with your blocked video.
  • Instagram will review the appeal, which may involve re-assessing the content against their guidelines or checking for any errors in the initial decision.

3. Copyrighted Content Disputes

If your video was blocked due to copyright issues:

  • You may receive a notice from Instagram’s content detection system, which provides details on the copyrighted material identified.
  • If you believe this decision was in error, or if you have the rights to use the content, you can file a counter-notification. This is a formal process and may involve providing proof of your rights to the content.
  • If the counter-notification is accepted, the video may be reinstated. However, it’s essential to approach this with caution, as false claims can lead to legal consequences.

4. Compliance and Re-upload

If you accept that the video violated certain guidelines but still want to share it:

  • Edit the video to ensure compliance. For instance, if it was blocked due to a copyrighted song, replace the song with royalty-free music or music provided by Instagram.
  • Once edited, re-upload the video to IGTV. Make sure the content now aligns with all of Instagram’s guidelines to prevent future blocks.

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The digital age has blessed us with platforms like IGTV, offering creators a broader stage to share their art, insights, and stories.

However, with this gift comes the responsibility of understanding and respecting intellectual property rights.

Copyright infringements on IGTV serve as a reminder that while the internet has democratised content creation, it has also underscored the importance of adhering to established legal frameworks.

For anyone passionate about sharing content on IGTV, it’s crucial to stay informed about copyright laws, secure necessary permissions, and utilise available royalty-free resources.

By doing so, creators not only protect their work but also contribute to a culture of respect and appreciation for original content.

In this dynamic digital landscape, understanding copyright isn’t just about avoiding blocks or strikes; it’s about fostering a sustainable and respectful online community.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1.Why was my IGTV video blocked for copyright?

Instagram uses automated systems to detect and prevent the unauthorised use of copyrighted content.

If your IGTV video contains music, video clips, or any other content that you don’t own the rights to (and haven’t obtained permission to use), it can be flagged and subsequently blocked to protect the rights of the original content owner.

2. How can I prevent my IGTV videos from being blocked due to copyright issues?

To avoid copyright issues:
Only use content that you’ve created yourself or have obtained explicit permission to use.
Utilise royalty-free music or resources, ensuring you follow any attribution requirements.
Familiarise yourself with Instagram’s terms of service and community guidelines.
If using music, consider using tracks provided by Instagram, which are pre-cleared for use.

3. I have the rights to the content. How do I appeal a blocked video?

If you believe your video was wrongly blocked and you have the rights to the content, you can file an appeal through Instagram’s Help Center.

Typically, you’ll need to provide proof of your rights to the content, such as a license or written permission from the rights holder.

If your appeal is accepted, the video may be reinstated.

4. What happens to my Instagram account if my videos keep getting blocked for copyright issues?

Repeated violations of Instagram’s copyright policy can result in stricter actions against your account.

This might include temporary restrictions, shadowbanning (where your content’s visibility is limited), or in severe cases, permanent account suspension.

It’s crucial to address copyright issues promptly and ensure future uploads comply with Instagram’s guidelines.

5. Can I use copyrighted music if I credit the artist in my IGTV video description?

Merely giving credit to the artist or copyright holder does not grant you the rights to use copyrighted content.

Unless you have explicit permission or a license to use the music, your video can still be flagged and blocked for copyright infringement, even if you’ve provided attribution.