In the digital age, businesses face the challenge of automated scraping, where bots and crawlers extract web content without authorisation. This can lead to the misuse of valuable content, revenue leakage, compromised data integrity, and damage to brand reputation. Traditional security measures are often inadequate in preventing content scraping. A solution is needed to combat online content scraping and ensure the protection and integrity of web content.

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Explore the potential of WebMarker's robust feature suite. Effortlessly integrate, encode content swiftly, and enhance your online protection. Leverage cutting-edge anti-scraping technology and versatile multi-language SDKs for an unbeatable web presence. Bytescare's WebMarker offers advanced security measures to combat online content scraping and protect valuable web content. The key features of WebMarker include:

  • Anti-Scraping:
  • Vigilant protection against web scraping bots.
  • Seamless Integration:
  • Strengthen content with effortless integration.
  • Instant Encoding:
  • Swift encoding for real-time protection.
  • Selective Protection:
  • Shield sensitive sections from unauthorised scraping.
  • SDK/Plugins Available:
  • Versatile integration options for easy implementation.


Experience the advantages of WebMarker for revenue protection, enhanced security, and a robust zero-trust framework.

  • Stop Revenue Leakage:
  • Protect valuable content from unauthorised distribution.
  • Stronger Security & Flexibility:
  • Tailored protection for comprehensive security.
  • Strengthen Zero Trust Framework:
  • Control access to sensitive data and content.
  • Unique Font-Based Security:
  • Add an extra layer of content protection.

WebMarker empowers businesses to combat online content scraping and protect their valuable web content. By leveraging advanced features such as anti-scraping, seamless integration, instant encoding, selective protection, and unique font-based security, businesses can ensure the integrity, security, and exclusivity of their web content. With WebMarker, organisations can plug revenue leaks, fortify security, and construct a rock-solid zero-trust framework, empowering their online presence and boosting business growth with uncompromised protection.

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