Educational institutions face the challenge of counterfeit sales and the unauthorised circulation of used copies of their educational materials on e-commerce platforms. These activities not only lead to revenue loss but also damage the institution's brand reputation. As educational content becomes increasingly digitised, the risk of counterfeiting and unauthorised distribution has risen.

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Bytescare's E-Commerce Surveillance solution provides comprehensive protection against counterfeit sales and the unauthorised circulation of educational materials. By implementing our advanced monitoring and detection system, institutions can identify and take action against counterfeit listings on e-commerce platforms. The solution includes features such as:

  • Counterfeit Detection:
  • Utilise advanced algorithms to identify counterfeit listings.
  • Seller Identification:
  • Identify unauthorised sellers and take appropriate action.
  • Circulation Monitoring:
  • Track the unauthorised circulation of used copies.
  • Automated Takedown:
  • Promptly remove counterfeit listings from e-commerce platforms.


Experience the benefits of Bytescare's E-Commerce Surveillance solution to enhance the positivity around your digital presence.

  • Revenue Protection:
  • Prevent revenue loss from counterfeit sales.
  • Brand Reputation Preservation:
  • Safeguard the institution's brand reputation.
  • Enhanced Customer Trust:
  • Build trust among students and learners.
  • Legal Compliance:
  • Ensure intellectual property rights compliance.
  • Market Stability:
  • Maintain a fair marketplace for educational materials.

Bytescare's E-Commerce Surveillance Solution enables organisations to take an active stance in safeguarding their educational content from the proliferation of counterfeit sales, effectively eradicating the circulation of used or photocopied materials. This comprehensive system incorporates price tracking, ISBN monitoring, seller scrutiny, and image recognition to curb unsanctioned sales. Consequently, organisations can secure their revenue, uphold their brand's prestige, foster trust, guarantee adherence to legal standards, and preserve the authenticity of the market.

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