Edtech companies face the challenge of unauthorised individuals selling their valuable content at heavily discounted prices, undermining the company's revenue streams and devaluing their offerings. This unauthorised discounting not only leads to financial losses but also affects the perceived value of the content.

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Our Digital Piracy Monitoring Solution empowers Edtech companies to proactively detect and prevent unauthorised discounting of their valuable content. By leveraging advanced monitoring techniques, our solution scans various platforms to identify instances of unauthorised sellers offering heavily discounted prices for your content.

  • Automated Monitoring:
  • Continuously scan online platforms for unauthorised discounting.
  • Real-time Detection:
  • Promptly identify instances of heavily discounted prices.
  • Seller Tracking:
  • Track and identify unauthorised sellers of your content.
  • Reporting and Alerts:
  • Receive real-time alerts and comprehensive reports.
  • Takedown Requests:
  • Submit legal requests to remove unauthorised listings.


Quantitative and qualitative results or benefits have been achieved by our clients after using Bytescare's Trend Monitor solution include:

  • Revenue Protection:
  • Safeguard your revenue streams by preventing unauthorised discounting.
  • Maintain Content Value:
  • Preserve the value and integrity of your content.
  • Fair Pricing:
  • Ensure that your content is sold at fair and competitive prices.
  • Brand Reputation:
  • Enhance your brand reputation by demonstrating control over pricing.
  • Market Stability:
  • Maintain market stability and discourage unauthorised discounting.

With our Digital Piracy Monitoring Solution, Edtech companies can effectively combat unauthorised discounting, protecting their revenue streams, and maintaining the value and integrity of their content. By monitoring online platforms, detecting instances of heavily discounted prices, and taking prompt action, companies can uphold fair pricing practices and strengthen their brand reputation in the market.

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