Pre-Piracy Solutions

This is the prevention phase. It is the first step after you have created your content. Our goal is to protect your content from getting leaked online in this phase.


The following technologies are included: watermarking and digital rights management, evaluating existing technologies for loopholes, implementing extra measures to stop leakages within the team, etc.

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    Watermarking and Digital Rights Management

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    Evaluating existing technologies for loopholes

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    Implementing extra measures to stop leakages within the team

How do our Pre-Piracy solutions help you?

Text Marker

With Textmarker, Bytescare offers state-of-the-art watermarking and DRM technology in the cloud, integrated with AWS. Our technology makes it impossible for your content to be copied. Content cannot be copied and pasted by scripts, crawlers, or any other technology. A Textmarker incorporates some confidential information into the characters of your content, which can be used to detect a pirate in the event of a screenshot. It works with all fonts and publishing platforms and is cost-effective.


How it Works

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    Phase 1: Upload

    • Upload Content/Call API for Document Want to Protect
    • Input: Document, Assets, Custom Configuration File
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    Phase 2: ID Generation

    • Receive the Document ID
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    Phase 3: Document Encryption

    • Use the Document ID from Dashboard/Call API
    • Receive: Protected Document Link, Key, Encrypted Assets

Key Features

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    Protect text from exact copy (DRM)

    Normal copy paste, data extraction will not be effective anymore.

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    Trace offender’s who leaked (watermark)

    If leaked, then the origin is traceable, which can help integrate preventive measures or intiate strict actions on such origin.

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    Intergation on all platforms & servers apps

    With universal WEB API you can integrate the services to any newer or older techniques or technologies.

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    Any File

    File format independency

    Independent of any file format which is used now or in future. With few custom changes any non-popular or custom file format can be supported.

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    Fast &

    Fast & Scalable conversion of docs

    Conversion of documents in few miliseconds and scalable to n number of docs as per requirments.

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    Hassle free user friendly integration

    User friendly integrations and no effects on user experience.

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    Content Security Audit

    Before publishing your content, it is important to check for leaks. This is where a content security audit comes in. With this tool, your entire content platform is scanned for any loopholes that would make it easy for pirates to copy it. Should your content be found to be at risk, we recommend tech measures to protect it. We can evaluate servers, mobile apps, web apps, websites, or other related technologies in this service.

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    Plagiarism Checker

    Our plagiarism checker authenticates every piece of content before it is published. This service targets online book publishers and article publishers. Our program looks for any point of reference that shows the content has been copied, either entirely or partially. We support all popular file formats.

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    Content Intelligence

    We offer you content intelligence from our AI-powered software that allows you to gain a better understanding of your content’s impact and audience analytics, as well as insights on the type of content your audience enjoys so that you can create more effective and viral content.

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    Domain Intelligence

    Our team investigates the domains and gathers information about their history, technical, SEO records, and various analyses and other investigation data.


Abhishek Agarwal
Company 1

The piracy issue had been plaguing us for quite some time and led to an adverse impact on our revenue. Bytescare not only helped us curb the menace substantially but also did some ad-hoc work for us, which we appreciate a lot.

Abhishek Agarwal

Ajay Karakoti
Company 2

They have an exceptional understanding of Piracy & Cyber Investigations. They save costs in technical & legal operations.

Ajay Karakoti