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Anti-Piracy Protection for EdTech Companies

Search for solution

A number of educational organizations have recently reached out to various teams in search of a solution to the piracy problem in online education also known as Educational Content Piracy. Specifically, organizations like E-learning platforms and EdTech businesses are looking for a way to watermark educational content – in order to prevent online textbooks, lecture videos, and PDFs from being unlawfully redistributed online.

Impact on Edtech

Educational Content Anti-piracy system looks forward to protecting their content from getting hacked, henceforth, protecting the content from any damage. Educational institutions and companies are protective of their high-value intellectual property – and students are inclined to share everything from class notes to lecture slides and full online textbooks. This results in revenue loss for educational institutions because people are less likely to sign up for an online class or purchase a textbook if they can access pirated content for free.

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Need of Content Security

This also possess a critical threat to the long-term sustainability of educational institutions and inhibits their capacity to adapt to technological shifts in their industry. By integrating the core technology for forensically watermarking e-books, documents, and PDFs, we can provide an effective and affordable anti-piracy solution for EdTech media owners. Companies should attend various types of events in order to learn more about content piracy solutions.

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