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Essential Tools and Techniques for Content Creators

Thursday, January 12, 2023

Something we often take for granted when watching our favourite content creators online is the amount of effort that goes behind every single Twitch stream, YouTube video, short film, and even a ‘simple’ Instagram post. Behind every good content, the creator is an arsenal of useful gear that all play their individual roles in producing the content that folks like you and I love to consume. Essential tools and techniques for content creators help them to make their content look different from the rest. Now, the major challenge for creators and influencers arises that what steps influencers can take to save their content from piracy. When the creators/influencers post their content on social media, the chances of the content being stolen are very high! The social media content piracy issue perfectly explains why it is necessary to protect their content.

Some industries work with Influencers, Movie Production Houses, and OTT Players for a variety of content types as mentioned below: –

  • Audio and Video Content
  • Blogs and Images
  • Brand Defamation and Fake Profiles

Tools and Techniques for Content Creators

Mentioned below are some essential tools and techniques for content creators to attract a large number of population to their content:

  1. Content-Creating Devices

A good Laptop/desktop doesn’t just do one thing very well, it can multitask. Most of us rely on our laptops/desktops for content creation. It also benefits creatives looking for a reliable workhorse to handle all their professional needs – like video editing, post-production, photography, and even game development whereas Smartphones’ quick stories, behind-the-scenes, or filming yourself connects you with the audience. It means you can capture the type of content that lets the audience in. They have turned out to be a very useful and helpful tool for creating content. There are excellent apps for creating and editing photos, videos, music, documents, spreadsheets, presentations, narrated slideshows, and more. A creator must have these two in order to create amazing content.

  1. Helpful Gadgets

Apart from just laptops, desktops, or smartphones, there are many more gadgets that help influencers and content creators to create amazing, connecting, informative, and entertaining content for their viewers. A nice pair of Noise-Cancellation Headphones, allows us to immerse ourselves in whatever we’re doing, without posing a disturbance to anyone else around us and it is definitely one of the essential tools and techniques for content creators. The high-end retractable noise-cancellation microphone eliminates the influence of noise in our surrounding environment. A good Wireless Mouse can also help you work and play more comfortably as it gives you more accuracy, and can even improve productivity. The two main things which the mouse should bear are – a precise level of control and good ergonomics. Ring Lights present themselves as one of the most versatile types of lighting, giving studio-like quality, without the studio-like budget. It adds more definition to your face, putting a lot of focus on your eyes with their uniquely-round shape and this helps bring in more audience focus.

  1. Professional editing software

Whether you shoot videos on your smartphone or you’re a professional editor, you need editing software that is powerful and easy to use. Using the best video editing software can help you transform your raw footage into slick, polished videos. The simplicity of the interface and the stability of the program are the two main points to keep in mind while finalizing the editing software. The best example of professional editing software is Adobe Premiere Pro. It is suitable for even the most demanding users. Adobe Premiere Pro is an expansive, professional-level digital video editing program with excellent collaboration tools. It runs on both macOS and Windows, so you’re not restricted to one desktop platform or the other.

  1. Good Communication Skills

Having excellent communication skills is paramount if you wish to represent a renowned brand and engage with its customer base. You need to have reputable communication skills to put your campaigns and ideas into words and get along with colleagues. Communication is the art of being understood and of understanding others. Within a professional environment, we communicate to achieve an identifiable outcome.  Crafting credible and clear messages that are delivered in an engaging manner achieves this impact. Effective communication among people can greatly improve workplace relationships and help individuals use their skills for real performance improvement.

  1. Relevant Original Content

Social media is flooded with multiple content pieces. And to stand amongst the crowd is a challenging task. There is no scope for plagiarized or fake content anymore. Creativity, knowledge, and effort have taken over them completely. So, it is only the original content that will improve your online brand presence as real content has always been valued. Rather than only looking for product benefits, many are placing their focus on brands that are providing valuable content and educating them. To add on, creating original content is not just necessary for brands, but influencers too. When you create original content, it helps in increasing the trust factor and loyalty level of audience and this will give you a higher engagement rate.

  1. Going with the trend

These days most of us are addicted to the viral content published by content creators and influencers on the web thereby accelerating the number of followers of those influencers on their socials. So, the influencers and content must focus on creating content that is of more interest to their viewers or followers.

These were the major and essential tools and techniques for content creators which help them to create amazing content to be published.

Must Do’s for the Influencers/Content Creators to Protect their Content

As a content creator, you’re probably well aware of the risks of people stealing your ideas or copying your work, but you also have to be careful of fake profiles, brand abuse, trademark infringement, and more that could jeopardize your livelihood. There are a number of ways to fight and prevent piracy and a few of them are as mentioned below: – 

  1. Remove the incentive

One of the most-effective ways of dealing with piracy is by removing the incentive for consumers to look for pirated content. Effectively this can be characterized by offering a good product and a good user experience at a fair price. You can’t stop everyone from watching pirated content, but this can remove some of the more casual illegal consumers using digital piracy services.

  1. PR and Education

It can be recently seen that the problem of password sharing and how up to 4O% of US consumers are sharing login credentials. This has become a normative crime — one that ‘everyone’ does, and so the activity no longer appears illegal because the behaviour is normal. There are several strands to this, but effectively the goal is to highlight to the consumer that piracy is a crime and it is illegal.

  1. Barriers to Entry

In the same way that you want to make it easy for consumers to choose legal alternatives, you want to make it hard for the pirates. The era of unprotected content is long gone. Content owners looking to protect their investment and Intellectual Property will only strike licensing deals with operators that can demonstrate that they take such threats to the revenue stream seriously in turn.

  1. Technology and Operations

Every one of us needs to know what content is being pirated and where. That means being able to identify content, a live pirate stream, as having come from your own video ecosystem. That requires technical intervention at the pre-transmission stage. Monitoring is the key to success here. High-level agreements with the search engines and social networks consumers use to locate pirated content are key to rapid and real-time action.

  1. Legal and Enforcement

There are a variety of countermeasures that can be used to interrupt and remove pirated content, from the traditional take-down notices to increasingly sophisticated real-time messages. With the correct anti-piracy services, operators can identify consumers who are watching illegal streams and incentivize them to switch to legitimate services. Also, removing the content swiftly from the internet, deter pirates, and drive consumers to legal alternatives.

  1. Cooperation

The concept of herd immunity which is such a crucial aspect of global vaccination programs is important here. The more companies and organizations that are involved, the more effective the overall solution. Everybody is competing against everyone nowadays, but together, the industries can think of apt solutions to fight piracy and can also minimize the losses which occur when their content gets pirated.

Social media content piracy issue

Social media and messaging platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. offer significantly more interaction and user engagement than well-known websites and large online marketplaces. It’s no wonder that the extensive reach of these social media platforms also attracts piracy. Scammers use the channels to draw attention to their products, web shops, and offers. For brand manufacturers, this entails high risks, as abusive social media activities can lead to dramatic sales losses. And there’s not just that. Phishing, too, (the theft of personal data) operates via social media channels, negatively impacting reputations. As the number of users increases, so does the risk of piracy. The more users interact on a social media platform, the higher the likelihood that scammers will also be active in the network. Thus, it is very important to use protective measures to control piracy on social media too.

Overcome Piracy Attacks Using the Mentioned Techniques

Bytescare, one of the leading anti-piracy protection solutions company designs a variety of user-friendly, reliable, scalable, robust, and effective piracy protection tools and services for all content creators and business owners who want to protect their content and increase their business profitability. A few of its products and services which are of utmost importance to the influencers are as described below: – 

  1. Create A Watermark to Protect Your Original Content

In order to protect premium content from P2P piracy or illegal streaming services, it is necessary to apply forensic watermarking with the introduction of high-level copy protection (DRM, Digital Rights Management) technology.

  1. Detect Plagiarism Issues in Your Content

This checks your content, that you are just seconds away from publishing and considering its uniqueness. Being a web owner, it is very important to have plagiarism-free content on your website if you wish to attract maximum traffic.

  1. Raise Techniques to Restrict Duplicating your Original Content

It makes the content difficult to be copied or pasted by scripts, crawlers or any other technology. Confidential information is there in the characters of the content which can detect the pirate when he screenshots it. It works with all fonts and publishing platforms.

Content creators and influencers face many challenges while creating awesome content but the hard work goes in vain when their content gets leaked. Therefore, they must stay alert and prevent piracy using helpful solutions because everyone knows that we can never halt piracy but we can definitely take preventive measures to control it.

Cheers!! To Happy and Hassle Free Content Creation.